"To write well and speak well is mere vanity if one does not live well."   - Bridget of Sweden

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  • Marikkunnu - 1937
  • Bangalore - 1960
  • Kalamassery - 1962
  • Pallavaram - 1966
  • Mysore - 1969
  • Wonky Buildings Nantoor - 1976
  • Wonky Buildings Vellayambalam - 1978
  • Wonky Buildings Puttur - 1978
  • Wonky Buildings Sipcot - 1993
  • Wonky Buildings Goa - 1994
  • Wonky Buildings Chikmagalur - 1995
  • Wonky Buildings Kurnool - 1997
  • Wonky Buildings Mumbai - 2001
  • Wonky Buildings Kannur - 2001
  • Wonky Buildings Belgaum - 2006
  • Wonky Buildings Amachal - 2006
  • Wonky Buildings Vizag - 2008
  • Wonky Buildings Delhi - 2009
  • Wonky Buildings Bhagalpur - 2012
  • Wonky Buildings Trivandrum

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    Our Diocese

Bombay Diocese

Most Rev. Oswald Cardinal Gracias
My Dear Sr. Regina

I am happy to note that the Sisters of St. Bridget celebrate 75 year of their presence in India on November 17, 2012.

St. Briidget had a care for the earth, for justice and equality, for peace reconciliation. She is a model for a contemplative life. St. Bridget is one whose life has relevance and gives inspiration even today, especially as we try to face the issues that confront our world.
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Ernakulam Diocese

Most Rev. George Cardinal Alencherry
Dear Sr. M. Regina Kalathil O.Ss.S,

I am delighted to learn that the Bridgettines sisters are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of their presence in India and that a souvenir will be released to mark this historic events.

On this great occasion, your sisters can look back with gratitude and joy at the wonderful ways in which the Lord has guided your congregation- the great number of students they have taught, the weary people being helped and counseled in schools, parishes, hospitals, villages and the various ways
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Calicut Diocese

Most Rev. Varghese Chakkalakal
I am overwhelmed to look into the history of the diocese of the Calicut to see the rich legacy which she left for us to wonder at. It is a history of the inspired of the inspired men and women, who consumed with the love of the Lord, dedicated their lives for the people of God. It is a history of absolute self-giving and selfless and service.

The Platinum Jubilee of the Bridgettine Convent at Marikunnu gives me yet another opportunity to ponder on the vision and mission of such holy men like Rev. Fr. Edward Berretta S.J., who initiated the established of the first convent of the Bridgettine Sisters in India.
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Verapoly Diocese

Most Rev. Francis Kallarakal
Dear Sr. Regina,

I am pleased to know that the Order of the Bridgettine Sisters is bringing out a souvenir on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee year of its historical entry to India.

Your missionary zeal and religious charism have contributed much to the mission of the Church especially in India. As you complete the glorious 75 years of dedicated service in India, we warmly appreciated your presence and ministry among different categories of people in the country.
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Trivandrum Diocese

Most Rev. Soosa Pakiam M
Dear Sister Regina,

I am indeed very glad to know that a souvenir Is being brought out to commemorate 75 years of the presence of Bridgettine Sister on the Indian Soil. Your first convent in Marikunnu in the diocese of Kozhikode started in 1937 still stands a witnessing house for the love of God and our Blessed Mother.

The Bridgettine or Bridgettine Order (formally the Order of the Most Holy Saviour, abbreviated as O.Sc.S.) is a monastic religious Order which follows the Augustinian rules, founded by saint Brigitta
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Delhi Diocese

Most Rev. Vincent M. Concessao
Congratulations to one and all of you. Bridgettines, as you celebrate your platinum Jubilee of your foundation in India. I join you in thanking God for all the blessings He has showered on you and thought you on many others during the last seven and a half decades. May God bless you abundantly.

Your charism of hospitality with an ecumenical aim in a unique one. Jesus wanted the unity among his disciples to be the sign of his being sent by the father. But we have miserably failed to witness to this unity. I pray that your intercession, adoration, strengthening of Christian unity. I wish you all the best in your apostolate.
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Bangalore Diocese

Most Rev. Bernard Moras
Dear Sr. Regina,

I am happy to know that Bridgettines are planning to celebrate the platinum jubilee of their foundation in India in November this year, and that are planning to bring out souvenir to commemorate this great event.

It is my great joy to convey to you and to all the sisters of your congregation on India ‘A very Happy Platinum Jubilee’ as you all sing in unison: “This is the Day that the Lord has made
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Goa & Daman Diocese

Most Rev. Filipe Neri Ferrao
Dear sister Regina,

I am pleased to join the sisters of the order of the Most Holy savior, popularly known as the Bridgettines, as they praise and thank God for completion of 75 years of their fruitful service to the Church and society in our country.

The Bridgettines Sisters, originally founded by St. Bridget of Sweden in the 14th century, were given a new impulse at the beginning of the 20th century
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Agra Diocese

Most Rev. Albert D’Souza
Dear Sr. Regina,

Grace and Peace of Christ!

The charism of each of the religious congregations bring alive the witnessing to the proclaiming of the KINGDOM announced by Christ. It is certainly a powerful spark of that proclamation by witness of service in the Church that is perpetuated by the Bridgettine Congregation. With the quickening of the spirit of the missionary charism of St. Brigitta, the first community of Sisters
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Visakhapatnam Diocese

Most Rev. Prakash Mallavarapu
Rev. Sr. M. Regina kalathil, O.Ss. S

Greeting of Peace in the Lord!

I am happy to know that your congregation, Bridgettine Sisters, is celebrating Platinum Jubilee year of your presence in India. May I extend my prayerful greeting andcongratulation to all the Bridgettine Sisters in India and in other countries. I joint you in thanking and praising the lord for all the blessings showered on you and on your apostolate in the background
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Mangalore Diocese

Most Rev. Aloysius Paul D’Souza
Dear Sr. M. Regina Kalathil,

I am immensely happy to be informed that Bridgettine Sisters this year will be celebrating 75 fruitful years of their presence in India. I hasten to send my hearty congratulations, warm felicitations and best wishes of the Platinum Jubilee to the Delegation, Convent of St. Brigitta, Bangalore and to all office-bearers and members of Bridgettine communities in India. We are pound of this great institution whose members live an exemplary life in the service of the Church and humanity.
Celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of the presence in India
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Chikmagalur Diocese

Most Rev. Anthony Swamy
I am very happy to learn that the Bridgettine Sisters are celebrating 75 years of their presence in India.

It began in a humble way at Marikunnu, Kozhikode, where they started their first Convent. Today, they are having many Convents in various parts of India. St. Bridget of Sweden had a great love for the Church. She took a very active part in reforming the Church by pointing out the mistakes committed by the Church in those times.

At present, the Bridgettines are serving the Church with real
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Kurnool Diocese

Most Rev. Anthony Poola D.D
Rev. Sr. M Regina Kalathil, National Delegate and Sisters,
Greetings to you from the Diocese of Kurnool!

I am immensely pleased to know that the delegation, Convent of St. Brigitta is celebrating 75 years presence in India divided into 19 communities with the strength of 256 sisters. It is gladdening that you also community in the Diocese of Kurnool in the year 1999 in Kurnool.

This is an auspicious occasion to pause and thank the Lord for all that He has blessed you with.
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Mysore Diocese

Most Rev. Thomas A. Vazhapilly
Dear Sr. Regina,

I am very glad to learn that the Bridgettine in India are celebrating the completion of 75 years of their presence in India. Please accept my hearty congratulations and felicitations. Bridgettines are known for their hospitality and generosity to make the guests happy and comfortable. We can see an ever ready welcome gesture and sweet smile when the guests come to your houses. All the guests and hostelites feel very happy and at home in your company. It is a special vocation and charism that is left by St. Bridget. Thousands of men and specially girls will remember your congregation with gratitude
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Karwar Diocese

Most Rev. Derek Frenandes
Dear Sister Regina,

It gives me great joy to know that the Bridgettine Sisters are celebrating 75 years of their presence in India. The Order of our Saviour, founded by St. Birgitta of Sweden and approved by Pope Urban V in 1370 had its first convent in Vadstena, Sweden. Today Bridgettines are having 36 houses in 13 countries and it is remarkable to know that of these 36 houses, as many as 19 houses are in India.

According to the monastic tradition of St. Birgitta’s sisters, their chief obligation is liturgical
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Chinglepet Diocese

Most Rev. A. Neethinathan
Dear Sr. Regina,

Greetings and prayerful wishes from Bishop’s House, Chingleput!

I am happy to learn that this year you (the Bridgettine Sisters) are celebrating 75 years of years presence in India. I wish to join in thanking the Almighty for His constant care, protection and guidance. The Bridgettine Sisters have been a great source of strength and inspiration to all of us in the Diocese through their powerful ministry of prayer. I wish and pray
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Bhagalpur Diocese

Most Rev. Kurien Valiakandathil
Dear Sister Regina,

I am very happy to know that the Order of the Most Holy Saviour of St. Bridget is celebrating the completion of 75 years of their presence and service in India. On this auspicious occasion, I join you in spirit in thanking and praising the Lord for the wonders He has done during the past seventy-five Years through the sisters of your congregation in India.

The sapling, which was planted in the year 1937 in Marikunnu, Kerala, has grown
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Belgaum Diocese

Most Rev. Peter Machado
Dear Sister Regina,

Given to understand that the Sisters of Bridgettine Congregation are celebrating 75 years of their presence in India. I am happy to send my greetings to them at the time of the celebration on 17th November 2012. The presence of the religious always brings an aura of sanctity and fellowship for the place where they are based, for the diocese and the Parish. Their presence is always positive and challenging, giving witness to the values of the kingdom.
I am grateful to the Bridgettine Congregation
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Vellore Diocese

Most Rev. P. Soundararaju SDB
Dear Sr. M. ReginaKalathil OSs.S,

I received your letter dated 25.06.2012 and thank you very much for the same. I am glad to know that you are going to celebrate the 75th Year of your presence in India. Please accept my prayers, congratulations and felicitations.

75 years ago, God planted a seed at Marikunnu, Kozhikode and the seed has grown into a big tree and has spread all over India. Your mission of spiritual work, education
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Kottapuram Diocese

Most Rev. Joseph Karikkassery
Dear Sister Regina,

I am very happy to know that the society of Bridgettine Sisters are bringing out a souvenir to mark the celebration of 75 years of your presence in India. The II Vatican Council speaks of the religious life as “a very clear symbol of the heavenly kingdom”. According to PerfectaeCaritatis, the religious communities enabled the Church “to appear adorned with the manifold gifts of her children, like a bride adorned for her husband and to manifest in her multiform wisdom of God”. It is with much gratitude to God that we remember the various ministries you carry out at the services of the poor. Sanctifying the hours
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