Archbishop of Agra

Dear Sr. Regina,

Grace and Peace of Christ!

The charism of each of the religious congregations bring alive the witnessing to the proclaiming of the KINGDOM announced by Christ. It is certainly a powerful spark of that proclamation by witness of service in the Church that is perpetuated by the Bridgettine Congregation. With the quickening of the spirit of the missionary charism of St. Brigitta, the first community of Sisters started their apostolate in Kozhikode 75 years ago. May the sparkling of that charism of witnessing in charity, that gradually spread in other parts of our country continue the Lord’s saving mission in our times and grow further.

While I wish the celebration every success. I seek divine blessing on the entire Congregation, the communities and Sisters in India. May the divine light shine through the “Delegation” in India.

May God bless you.

Yours sincerely in Christ

Albert D’Souza
Archbishop of Agra