April 27th, 1976
It was in 1966 late Bishop Basil D’Souza invited the Bridgettines to his Diocese to take possession of the historical place at Nantoor. It took 10 years to fulfill his long awaited heart’s desire, when Very Rev. M. Hilaria Laubenbuger, the Abbess General, consented to open a house in his diocese, and it was clear that this historical place was destined for us from eternity.

In 1784 Tippu Sultan persecuted the Christians and massacred them for their faith. A Cross was erected in grateful remembrance of the bitter passion endured by our ancestors. The desire of the clergy was to keep this place Holy and thus, were looking for a praying congregation. Their Joy was immense when the Bridgettines came in. it was on 27th April 1976 the pioneers came and stayed in a small house. On 1st May 1976the 6th Foundation was blessed in the small existing chapel. The joy of the Bishop was boundless and in his homily he said now I can say “My desire is fulfilled” and the Bridgettines will take care of the Holy place.

The sisters started visiting the families spreading the word of God. Later they began giving tuitions for the little children, thus the Creche came into being, and now it is a kindergarten. The foundation for the convent and hostel was laid on 20th December 1977 by His Excellency Basil D’Souza. These were completed and formally inaugurated on 2nd February 1983.

The veneration of the Cross is continued with great devotion; every Friday the Novena prayers are conducted after the Holy Mass, and in the month of May the exultation of the cross is celebrated solemnly with people’s participation.