April 27th, 1937
“Every dream has a vision, Every vision has a mission, and Every Mission has a particular purpose”.

“Yes the roof above us has never collapsed and the good companionship of the Lord has not fallen out.”

In 1932 a holy man named Fr. Beretta S.J. consuming with the love of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, was in search of a few selected souls, to whom he could impart the zeal that consumed him. He had an inspiration, and believed that nothing was impossible Fr. Beretta did find four young ladies from Mangalore in Sep.1934. It was in 1937 Rev. Mother Francis of the Cross, with the little band of 12 sisters arrived in Bombay on the 20th of April to begin the new mission.

The diocese identified a property on a hill in Calicut and acquired this land. It was known as “Satan Kunnu” or the hill of Satan. Rev. Fr. J.D. Albert S.J. who bought it, in 1923, called it “Marikunnu” or the ‘Mary’s Hill’. A statue was erected in 1923 as a sign of dedication to Mary, it continues to exist as a monument, even today. With the establishment of the Church of Perpetual Adoration, the Heavenly Queen conquered Satan!!!

The first convent was inaugurated on 27thApril 1938 and the diocese witnessed the start of the Perpetual Adoration on 25th May 1938 for the first time. The house also became the first Novitiate House in India and it continues till today to mould the young ones to grow in love and holiness. Perpetual Adoration was carried out from dawn to dusk on this little Hill dedicated to Mary. In April 1937, Apostolic Administrator; Msgr. B. M. Ranzani entrusted the new Congregation to another zealous Jesuit priest Fr. Zanolin S. J. followed by Fr. Leo Prosperio S.J and Rev. Dr. A.M. Patroni S.J. who played larger roles in the lives of the Bridgettines. In 1977 a new block to the main building was added, and a new hostel was constructed in 1977 for working women and nursing students. People of all faiths, who desire to rest in spiritual surroundings with an opportunity for an inner renewal, visit the Convent. The apostolate includes – teaching catechism, counselling for young and old alike, Prison Ministry, imparting Christian Doctrine to the children and adults, Basic Christian group animation, Mother’s association, animation to CLC, Altar Boys’ association, House visiting and other activities.