Sr. M. Genevieve–Philomena Maximina Lewis
25 May 1939 – 20 March 2023

Sr. M. Genevieve was born on 25 May 1939 in Kallianpur, Mangalore, Karnataka; the last child of nine in the devout Lewis family. She entered the Order at Marikunnu in the year 1961, there she made her first profession on 6 August 1963 and her final vows on 6 August 1966.

In her religious life she had an ardent devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and spent much of her time in the chapel. She loved singing during the liturgical hours; at Vespers she recited aloud the prayers of intercession, praying for the various needs of the world. During recreation the community enjoyed her old tales and nursery rhymes. With the youngsters she shared the spirituality of our saints. In addition to Marikunnu, she lived in the communities of Bangalore, Kalamassery and Nantoor; in the latter house she received the call of the Lord.

Sr. Genevieve was preparing to celebrate the diamond jubilee of her religious profession and was busy preparing the liturgy of the feast. She repeatedly said that she is very busy putting her things in order, not knowing that death would come into her life like a thief.

In fact Sr. Genevieve's call came suddenly as she was preparing to go to the chapel for the morning Holy Mass. Some sisters noticing her absence rushed to her room where they found her unconscious. Although she was immediately shifted to the hospital not much could be done because she suffered a massive heart attack. The hospital chaplain administered the Sacrament of the Sick to her and the Lord called her to Himself. She thus fell asleep in the Lord in peace and serenity on the morning of 20th March 2023 at 10:00 am.

Dear Sr. Genevieve, intercede for our Holy Order before the Lord. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Beatrice – Tresa Chemparathy
03rd February 1930 - 22nd July 2023

“I glorified you on earth by finishing the work that you gave me to do “(Jn.17:4).

These words of St. John seem applicable to the life of Sr. Beatrice , who dedicated herself entirely to the glory of God.

She was born on 3 February 1930 in Muthalakodam in the devout Chemparathy family; in the diocese of Kothamangalam, Kerala as the fourth of the eight children of Annamma and Mathew. These blessed parents had the special grace of seeing their five daughters among six to consecrate their lives to God as Religious and one among the two sons to become a religious in the Congregation of Saint John of God. This makes us think of the Blessed family of St. Therese – the little flower. Her youngest sister Sr. M. Susanna also embraced on the path of religious life thus becoming a member of our Order; she assisted Sr. Beatrice in her last days with her presence and with her prayers.

In 1953 after completing her studies, in response to God’s call she chose the life of prayer and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament thus joining the Bridgettine Community in Marikunnu on 21st June 1953. She made her First Profession on 3rd February 1955 and the Perpetual Profession in 1958.

She was a fervent labourer of the early hours. As long as her health permitted Sr. Beatrice was very devout in her prayer life and punctual for common activities. She always acknowledged and expressed her gratitude for every little service rendered to her. God granted her the grace of having a long life of 93 years and she was able to say with Saint Paul: “I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”. Considering her ability and her faithfulness from the very beginning, she was entrusted with responsible assignments. Kindness, respect and obedience to the superiors were the pre-eminent virtues. She served the Order as Superior in four of our communities: Kalamassery, Trivandrum, Pallavaram and Bangalore. Along with Mother M. Gertrude Pereira, she also took the responsibility of supervising the construction of St. Pius X church at the convent of Kalamassery.

In her rather long old age, she edified and enriched the community of Marikunnu with her longing for the Holy Eucharist, prayer, good example, gratitude and an orderly life. Even in her short life of suffering confined to bed she spoke at length with love and spontaneity to Jesus, expressing her desire to meet him. She was a consolation and edification for all the sisters. The Lord took to himself this beautiful flower from His Bridgettine garden on July 22, 2023 at 1:45 am. R.I.P.!

Sr. M. Rosalia – Rosa Lilly Vadakkethala
26th October 1955 – 30th September 2022

Sr. M. Rosalia an Indian was born on 26th October 1955 in Vadakkethala family at Poothol in the diocese of Trissur at Kerala. She was the first among nine children of Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Theresia. She entered the Order on 11th January 1978 and made her First Profession on 24th April 1980 and the Perpetual Vows on 8th October 1985. Sr. Rosalia rendered 44 years of her selfless services in the communities of Bangalore, Trivandrum, Sipcot, Nantoor and Calicut.

She had an ardent devotion to the Holy Spirit. Even in her last days she had spoken to the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Simon Peter, that before laying her body to the grave a hymn to the Holy Spirit should be sung and it was done accordingly.

Sr. Rosalia was a person of prayer and hard work; although she was suffering from all kinds of sicknesses she was active and never wasted time even at the time of siesta until she was confined to bed.

In 2020 doctors found out that cancerous cells in her body and necessary treatments were started accordingly. But in August 2022, the test result showed that the cancer had spread to all her vital organs. A treatment was not advisable as the situation was out of control and the doctors recommended palliative care. Finally she was unable to swallow the food and very often her condition became serious but she was fully conscious till the last moment. As she was approaching the end she was given the Sacrament of anointing of the sick and Holy Viaticum. Sisters were always near her praying and preparing her to meet her spouse.

Two days before her death our beloved Abbess General, Mother M. Fabia Kattakayam, spoke to her on video call, they prayed together and Sr. Rosalia asked Mother’s blessing. On 30th September she became very serious and from 7.00 pm onwards her condition worsened and was sinking. The whole community stood at her bedside praying and comforting her and she was conscious and responded clearly to the prayers till the end. It was at 9.00 pm while sisters were praying near her bed, she said: “Mother Mary has come and holding my hand to take me to Jesus, I am going”. These were her last words and rested in the Father’s arms forever.

Dear Sr. Rosalia, rest in peace and intercede to the Lord for us and for our Beloved Order. RIP!

Sr. M. Flavia – Mavis D’sa
09th December 1942 - 6th August 2022

Sr. M. Falvia, an Indian was born as the 3 rd among seven children to Salvadore and Lucy D’sa in a deeply religious family in Valencia of Mangalore Diocese. She joined the Bridgettine Order in 1964 and made her first profession on 8 th October 1965 and final profession on 4 th May 1971.

Sr. M. Flavia was a very fervent religious and was a woman of wide knowledge and updated herself with reading good books. Kind, gentle, soft-spoken, loyal and meticulous in all that she did, she served as secretary to the Delegation for many years besides being superior to some of our communities in India. She was the first councillor and procurator of Chikmagalur community for long twenty years until the Lord called her to Himself.

Sr. M. Flavia was of a delicate nature and never enjoyed good health but she was very punctual in the chapel and for the common exercises. She loved to sing the Divine Office and was determined for the active participation of the holy Eucharist. She loved the community life and loved the presence of the sisters. She had a passion for the rose garden and the lovely flowers spoke volumes of her gentle touch.

Sr. M. Flavia began to experience the health issues connected with intestinal disorder and was under treatment for long 30 years. Yet she endured all her sufferings with patience and with resignation to the Divine Will. She was hospitalized in Chikmagalur on 23 rd July following a viral fever. She had also several health issues and at her request was transferred to Bangalore, at “St. John’s medical college”, where, although the medical department tried their best to save her, a multiple organ failure caused her to bid farewell to this world or we would like to believe what our beloved Mother Abbess’s condolence message note said “that our Divine Lord has called her to His sacred mountain at 1 am on August 6 th, the beautiful day of our Titular Feast.

May her soul rest in Peace!

Dear Sr. M. Flavia, please intercede for our holy Order. R.I. P

Sr. M. Jane - Rosamma Moozhikachalil
12 May 1933 – 12 February 2022

Sr. M. Jane was born on 12th May 1933 at Thodupuzha Kerala; She was the third of five children of Mr. Thomas and Eliswa. In 1959 she responded wholeheartedly to God’s call and made her First Profession at Marikunnu on May 4 th 1961; on May 4 th 1964 she pronounced her eternal “Yes” with the Perpetual Profession.

Rooted in the Missionary Spirit, in 1962 Sr. M. Jane accepted the invitation to go to Europe, where she served the communities in Rome, Assisi, England and Via delle Isole for long 46 years of her religious life. In 2005 Sr. M. Jane returned to India due to health issues and served the community at Kalamassery till the last.

Sr. M. Jane was a person of prayer and hard work, she was ever punctual for the common exercises. Her love for the Sisters and Superiors was remarkable. Sr. M. Jane suffered physically due to her weak heart, but silently endured her difficulties without complaints.

Often she used to be hospitalized but her recovery was quick except the last time. In her sickness she wanted sisters to be around  and gratefully acknowledged every little act of kindness toward her with a sweet smile and with her prompt Thank you.

After having received the anointing of the sick she slept in the Lord on 12th February 2022 at 12.10 am in the presence of the sisters.

“Death is beautiful. That is why no one comes back to earthly life again”.

May the beautiful soul of dear Sr. M. Jane enjoy the peace of the Lord together with all the angels and saints. Dear Sr. M. Jane intercede for us all. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Rosalie – Therese Arukalil
30 April 1938 – 2 January 2022

Sr. M. Rosalie was born in Thodupuzha, Diocese of Kottayam, Kerala, on April 30, 1938, the fifth of 6 children. When Sr. Rosalie was two years old, her parents emigrated to Peravoor, Malabar, in northern Kerala. There the malaria epidemic struck her family and Sr. Rosalie lost her mother at the age of four; after some time her father also died. The three youngest children, including Sr. Rosalie, initially grew up in two different orphanages until the elder sister took them with her.

On 28 October 1958 she entered the convent of Marikunnu and on 4 May 1961 she made her first vows in the same house at Marikunnu; after three years on May 4, 1964, she pronounced her perpetual vows in Piazza Farnese in Rome, where she had arrived two years earlier. Already in 1964 she was transferred to Iver Heath, where she remained almost all her life, except for the period from 1988, when she was sent to Assisi for a few months, and later in Via delle Isole; in September 1990 she returned to Iver Heath.

The sisters who met her are witnesses of how much Sr. Rosalie loved her vocation. She was a loving, cheerful and caring sister and always smiling. Unfortunately, due to her already deteriorating health, she was unable to continue community life, when in 2011 the renovations of the convent and guest house in Iver Heath began; therefore she was transferred to a nursing home on February 23, 2012. In the following years she had to change three localities, due to the requirements of her illness.

It had been difficult for Sister Rosalie to leave the convent, but she accepted God's will and was happy and peaceful until the end. Wherever she received such care and understanding, the sisters are witnesses of the respect and care she benefited . Sr. Rosalie's life in the retirement home was a life of religious witness. She was always grateful and never complained.

The chaplain of the area often celebrated Holy Mass in her room, at other times he brought her Holy Communion and so did the sisters. From time to time, as long as they could, they would take her back to the convent. The Abbess General, Mother M. Fabia Kattakayam, being in Iver Heath for her two Canonical Visits, went to visit her and she was very happy. From then on when the pandemic began, the visits were very limited, however the sisters never made her miss their visit.

On January 2, 2022, the news of the sudden worsening of her health conditions arrived unexpectedly. The whole community was praying but there was no time to reach her bedside, because Sr. Rosalie went to meet her Lord so to receive the reward of eternal life, after a life of dedication and service to the Order and the Church.

The staff of the nursing home reported that the evening before her death she appeared calm, showed no signs of any particular discomfort and as always she had her rosary in her hand and the image of the Sacred Heart near her bed. Some time before her death she had received the sacrament of the sick. She had been well prepared and had a peaceful death. May Sister Rosalie pray for all of us from heaven! R.I.P. in peace! Dear Sr. M. Juliana, please pray for us from heaven. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Juliana – Paskin Mavis D’Souza
17 th May 1951 – 29 th December 2021

Sr. M. Juliana an Indian was born in Shirva in the Diocese of Udupi, Mangalore on 17 th May 1951 to Thomas D’Souza and Juliana D’Souza. She entered the Order in July 1967 at Marikunnu, Calicut where received her religious formation and made her first profession on 4 th May 1969 and her perpetual vows on 4 th May 1974.

Sr. M. Juliana was epitome of simplicity, humility and gentleness. She was faithful in little things and distinguished herself by her obedience and had great regard for her superiors. Her love for vocation was great indeed. She served our communities at Calicut, Madras, Kalamassery, Mysore and for the last 32 years she was part of the community at Nanthoor. For many years she was local councillor at Nanthoor and shouldered the responsibility as hostel warden, who always made herself available to the needs of the girls. Sr. M. Juliana also served as in-charge of the Kindergarten, the duty which she performed with utmost interest and dedication.

She was a person of prayer and a lover of community life. Her sisterly affection and care was experienced by all those who came in contact with her. She was soft-spoken, not visible to people around. She had an ardent devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and to the Blessed Virgin Mary and was always seen with rosary in hand in the evening of her life. She kept her lamp burning with faith in all circumstances of her life with total detachment.

She suffered incurable vertigo for many years along with many other complications. Her fragile health was gradually deteriorated and in recent months her movements were restricted to a great extent. In the end she went to meet the Lord as she lived, silent and peaceful. Her face was gleaming with serenity. She left this world for eternity on 29 th December 2021 at 5pm. May her soul rest in peace! Dear Sr. M. Juliana, please pray for us from heaven. R.I.P.

Mother M. Saveria – Anna Joanna D’Souza
26 th July 1925 – 7 th August 2021

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith, now there is in store for me, the crown of righteousness” (2 Timothy 4: 7-8).

Mother M. Saveria was born in Bantwal at Mangalore, on 26 th July 1925 as the daughter of Paul and Mary D’souza who gave 3 religious sisters and 2 priests from their 10 children to the service of the Lord. While working as a teacher in their neighbouring school, the late Archbishop Albert Dsouza who was then her parish priest, showed her the way to the  Bridgettine Order. She joined in 1952 and made her first profession on 2 nd February 1954 and final profession in 1957 at Marikunnu.

In 1962 as the new community at Kalamassery was formed she was one among the pioneers where she became the Superior in 1971. She laboured hard in the new foundation at Kalamassery, mastering the local language she communicated to all people and won their hearts,  her life was a  life lived with simplicity and with great zest.  

Mother Saveria was transferred to Bangalore in 1977 as superior and in 1980 became the National Delegate, the responsibility which she carried on for a period of 12 years. During her term as Delegate, she initiated to open new tabernacles for the Lord at Nanthoor, Puttur, and  Sipcot. She also served as superior at the convents of Nanthoor and Puttur and was back to Bangalore in the year 2002 where she lived the rest of her life until the Lord called her in 2021.

Mother Saveria loved her religious life and lived it in its fullness. She was always present for the community prayers and never missed her daily Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  Prayer was the rhythm of her life. With her beautiful voice, she praised God unceasingly. Her perfection in every little thing was remarkable. The long 69 years of religious life was an edifying one endowed with great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and high religious spirit.

It was a real shock to the community as Mother Saveria was diagnosed with cancer after attending a routine hospital visit, two months before her death.

Treatment was not an option as the malignancy was found to be in an advanced stage. Doctors advised palliative care and Mother Saveria was brought home. She had breathing difficulty and was admitted again to the hospital and brought home with the support of Oxygen. Gradually she became weak and all knew that her end was nearing. She received the sacrament of reconciliation and the anointing of the sick from the Hospital chaplain and was ready to meet her dear Lord.

The end came on 7 th August around 11 am while the sisters were praying the rosary around her bed.  Dear Mother Saveria, plead for us from heaven. R.I.P.

Mother M. Margaret – Delphine Mascarenhas
26 th November 1933 – 25 th June 2021

Mother Margaret Mascarenhas was born in Bendur, Mangalore to pious and God-fearing parents, on 26th November 1933, to a large family of fourteen children. The devout atmosphere of the family ignited the spark of vocation in her and despite the opposition from the family she joined the Bridgettine Order in 1957 and made her first profession on 3 rd February 1959 and final vows on 3 rd February 1962 at Marikunnu.

The spirit of prayer and love for the Order was the hallmark of Mother Margaret’s nature. She was gifted with intelligence and always modest in behaviour. A staunch observer and follower of the rules and regulations of the community life, not only put into practice all of those in her life but encouraged and instructed others to follow the same. Mother Margaret’s fidelity to our  Holy Order and love for disciplinary life adorned many responsibilities such as Novice Mistress, Local Councillor, Superior at Madras, Bangalore, Marikunnu, Nantoor, and as National Delegate. During her term as National Delegate for 9 years she added tabernacles for Bridgettines at Goa, Chikmagalur, Kurnool and Belgaum, and became instrumental as well as a strong support to the late Rev. Mother Tekla Famiglietti, the then Abbess General in realising the new foundation in the Philippines. Mother Margaret’s remarkable personality characterized her as a strong and reliable leader who was faithful to the teachings of Holy Mother Foundresses.

In the year 2010, she was transferred to Bangalore as she was suffering from health issues. Towards the latter years, Mother Margaret was confined to her room but was always present in the choir for the Holy Mass and prayers, but she needed assistance to do her daily needs. She suddenly fell ill on 28th January 2021, and was immediately taken to hospital and the Doctor declared that she suffered a mild heart attack. She was shifted to the Intensive care unit where she remained for almost one week. She was brought home with the assistance of Oxygen and was confined to bed, being one with the crucified Saviour, because she accepted all her pain and sufferings to the Lord in love of Him. Sisters took turns to be with her and even though she lost her speech she attempted all possible ways to acknowledge all that was done for her.

Although the end was awaited, it came like an unexpected blow in the wee hours of 25th June around 1:05 am. She was well prepared to meet her Saviour, in fact often said that “I am ready, but the time of Jesus has not yet come”. Our Beloved Mother General wrote: “Dear Mother Margaret transformed her bed into an altar of sacrifice”. Yes, her last days were the fragrant offering to her spouse.

Dear Mother Margaret, look down on our Order from heaven and ask the Lord to send many holy vocations to our Order. May you enjoy the bliss of heaven! R.I.P.

Sr. Jose Mary – Elsy Thekkyial Airookaran
4 th January 1964 – 8 th February 2020

Sr. Jose Mary, an Indian, was born on 4 th January 1964 at Karukutty – Kerala; she was the last among six children, including two other Religious, one of whom belongs to the Missionaries of Charity (St. Teresa of Calcutta). She entered the Order in Marikunnu on 1 st February 1989, made her first profession on 7 th October 1991 at Marikunnu and the Final Profession on 7 th October 1996 at Mysore community.

Sr. Jose Mary’s life can be summarized in few words. She was a person who wanted to be perfect in all things as our Heavenly Father is perfect. She tried her best to keep all things neat and tidy. She was a person of responsibility, sincerity and prayer. She was very faithful in all the responsibilities entrusted by the Superiors.

Good God called His bride before the time. In November 2019, she was diagnosed for the breast cancer. She accepted her sickness cheerfully and was ready for His call. The Rev. Mother General, Mother Fabia Kattakkayam, while visiting the communities in India, came to visit her, and Sr. Jose Mary felt happy and consoled by this maternal concern.

Her call came, all of a sudden on 8 th February 2020. She was conscious to receive the Sacrament of reconciliation and anointing of the sick on 8 th morning. By evening her condition aggravated and she slept in the Lord peacefully at 8.30 pm in the presence of the whole community, who were praying around her bed.

The community of Trivandrum fondly remembers her. Dear Sr. Jose Mary, pray for our dear Order before the Lord. May her soul rest in peace! R.I.P.

Sr. M. Scholastica – Anna Menachery
9 March 1932 – 11 September 2019

Sr.M.Scholastica, Indian, born on 9 th March 1932, in Chalakudy,Kerala, in a pious family and she is the fifth of six children. The young Anna recognised God’s call and decided to give her life to Jesus, joining the Bridgettine Family in Marikunnu. She was a fervent novice, made the first religious vows on 8 th October 1965 and offered herself totally to the Divine Master with the perpetual Vows of Profession on 8 th October 1968 at kalamassery.

Sr. Scholastica was a good, quiet and hardworking person. She had great veneration to the Most Holy Sacrament, spending long hours in adoration. Those who approached her for various problems found consolation and peace, receiving good advice from her and the assurance of her prayers. Her contribution to the missionary activity of the local Church, especially in the field of catechism, was remarkable.

She loved her sisters and had a great passion for the garden, taking care of the plants with special attention. Her generous service and great commitment to work have been particularly appreciated by the Trivandrum community.

Towards the end of her life, she began to experience stomach pain and the doctors diagnosed her with cancer. She was hospitalised for further treatment but her call came suddenly. In the hospital, a cardiac arrest took her life.

Sr. Scholastica was well prepared for the meeting with her Spouse; she had received the Anointing of the Sick and the other Sacraments and uttering the words: “ In to Your hands, O Lord, I entrust my spirit,” she made her last breath. It was 11 th September 2019 at 2.30 p.m. the Community of Trivandrum remembers her with a grateful heart.

May her soul rest in peace. May Sr. Scholastica intercede for our holu Order! RIP.

Sr. M. Catherine – Elizabeth D’Silva
11 th June 1929 – 25 th December 2018

Sr. M. Catherine of the Divine Savior was born at Coondapoor, in the State of Karnataka, India, on11 June 1929; the fifth of 12 children, 6 males and 6 females, three of which are religious. After graduating as a teacher she had entered the convent on 16 March 1952 in Marikunnu. At Marikunnu she had made the first Profession on 2 February 1954 and made the Perpetual Vows in 1957. In 1962 she had moved to Kalamassery where she remained until 1966. She was then sent to Pallavaram and here at the end of 1971 appointed Superior; after a few years (1974) she was at Mysore until 1976 when she was transferred to Iver Heath, where she spent ten years. In 1986 she was called to Rome at the Mother House to fill the Office of General Bursar, Office which she carried out with great care and responsibility for nearly two decades (until 2004). During this period she was also charge of guest reservations and in recent years the Bursar of the house at Piazza Farnese. She was a great help for the then Mother General, Mother M. Tekla, as Visitatrix of the communities in India, Philippines and Indonesia, the latter being new foundations.

Of a reserved nature, she had a strong faith, a strong will, love of prayer and great spirit of sacrifice, which enabled her to adapt to any situation; After returning from a trip, even the most tiring and long, she never failed to show up on time as always in choir for morning prayer. She was always faithful until she was prevented by illness. Obedience to the Superior was for her "sacred". In recent years, when no more held general Bursar's Office, every morning she helped the sisters in the dish washing area. She had a great interest in what happened in the world, for this purpose distributed from time to time small scraps of newspapers in order to spark interest and get the prayers.

Throughout life, she never complained of particular diseases or disorders except the slight difficulty in walking, which went more and more with the onset of a slight stroke; This took away the faculty of speech, so she couldn't make herself understood. For about an year she was forced to stay in the room, she who so loved choral prayer and every community activity. Despite this, she never complained rather accepted with gratitude all the help given by the sisters.

On the morning of 24 December, she received the sacrament of anointing of the sick and the end came during Holy Christmas night, just after midnight Mass, so to encounter with her Lord after 66 years of religious life. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Lucy – Precilla D’Silva
6 th April 1937 – 18 th October 2017

Sr. M. Lucy, an Indian was born at Padil in Mangalore on 6 th April 1937. She was the second among the three children of late Mr. Louise and Mrs.  Lucy D’Silva.

  She entered religion on 6 th July 1955, made her First Profession on 2 nd February 1957 and her final profession on 2 nd February 1960 at Marikunnu, Calicut; and celebrated her Diamond jubilee of profession on 2 nd February 2017.

  Sr. Lucy’s life can be summarized in a few words. A committed religious, rooted in prayer, hardworking, genuine and a zealous missionary. She was a person who stretched out her hands to the needs of others. She was always other oriented, genuine, full of love in her heart for the young and old especially the sick sisters.

  Sr. Lucy has played great role for the new foundations in Philippines and Indonesia. Being a pioneer and the  person responsible, as the Delegated Councilor from 2003 to 2007, for our convents in Tagaytay and Montevsita in the Philippians, Bali and Maumere in Indonesia; her tireless work, selfless sacrifices, spontaneous dealings were remarkable and brought remarkable results, specially winning the hearts of all  those who have crossed her path in the mission land.

  Although frail in nature, her determination made her accept any responsibility given to her. Never shirking any duty, she battled against her ailments till she was able to move. The doctors  could not diagnose and it was only too late  when it was declared that the cancer in her stomach was in the last stages which had spread in all her vital organs.

  As she was approaching  the end she was given the Sacrament of anointing of the sick and Holy Viaticum.  All the sisters were at her bedside praying and comforting her and she was conscious and responded silently to the prayers till the end. It was  at 2 pm. On the 18 th of October 2017 in the “Fathers arms she rests forever…”. May Sr. Lucy intercede for our holy Order! R.I.P.

Sr. Mary – Lucy Roche
3 rd March 1924 – 5 th October 2017

Sr. Mary, an Indian was born in Udupi, Mangalore on 3 rd March 1924 in a pious family. She entered the convent in 1945 at Marikunnu - Calicut and made her 1 st profession on 3 rd February 1947 and Final commitment in 1950.

Sr. Mary was a simple and humble sister radiating joy with her smiling face and childlike ways. She esteemed prayer life especially the Divine Office which she loved to sing even in her old age. She was interested and faithful to all the duties entrusted to her and had great love and respect towards the Superiors, she lived in Marikunnu and Mysore communities during her 72 years of religious life.

In her old age when she was unable to carry out the duties she would walk about with the walker and a pink rosary in hand on the verandah.

She had great devotion to Mother Mary. Rosary was her powerful weapon from which she would never part even when she was in bed.

God`s call came so suddenly on 5 th October morning. She was awake at 5. a.m. and was preparing to go for Mass. Since she was not well, the superior asked her to rest. After the Holy Mass the sister found her almost collapsing and immediately the Parish priest was called to anoint her. The Doctor declared that she had a minor attack and had gone to meet her creator with a smiling face.

Our dear Mother General also was present for the funeral as she was visiting the houses in India.

We trust that Sr. Mary who lived up to the ripe old age continues to sing the praises of the Lord as she loved to do it here on earth. May her soul rest in peace! Dear Sr. Mary, pray for us. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Dorothy – Sophia Anthraper
10 th August 1946 – 23 rd June 2017

Sr. Dorothy, an Indian was born at Muttam, Ernakulam District of Kerala on 10 th August 1946. She was the sixth among the nine children of Mr. Abraham Anthraper and Mrs. Mariakutty.

She entered religion on 24 th January 1966 at Marikunnu, Calicut, made her First Profession on 2 nd February 1968, and her Final Profession in 1973. Sr. Dorothy rendered her noble service at our various communities, Madras, Mysore, Trivandrum, Kalamassery and Marikunnu.

Her fervent and faithful life in the community has made an indelible mark in the hearts of the sisters who lived with her. She lived a simple and unassuming life ever occupied with her duties and an intense prayer life. She was ever punctual for the Choir duties and until the end she made use of her sweet melodies to chant the Divine Office with fervor and precision. She would teach the young sisters the various modes of chanting the Divine Office. In spite of her fragile health she was ever ready to help the community with the enthusiasm of a Novice and with an exemplary charity she would foresee the needs of others in the community and lend her helping hand in fulfilling their duties.

She received the guests with a glowing smile and an attentive hospitality, interceding before the throne of the Almighty on behalf of the people who confided to her their various problems and intentions. She would forgo her needs and help the poor whom she met at the gate. Her kind and merciful heart was ever willing to listen and impart words of comfort and consolation to the poor and the afflicted. Though she suffered from various kinds of illness she never spared herself nor took any rest at the expense of her duties and responsibilities.

On Sunday, 18 th June 2017 during the Holy Mass, all of a sudden Sr. Dorothy felt sick and was taken to the nearby Nirmala Hospital run by the Ursuline Sisters. The Angiogram report showed only a minor block in the heart which could be treated with the medicines. She looked happy and spoke with the sisters as usual. But on the 23 rd June suddenly a massive heart attack took her beautiful soul to God, assisted by the Last Sacraments. She passed away peacefully in the Lord on Friday, the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, whom she had a great devotion and the Merciful God took His beloved daughter on that Sacred Day.

Dear Sr. Dorothy, intercede to the Lord for our Mother Abbess General and for the whole Order R.I.P.!

Sr. M. Imelda – Teresa Gonsalves
17 th October 1922 – 6 th March 2017

Sr. M. Imelda, an Indian, was born at Mangalore, on 17 th October 1922. She entered the religion in 1947 at Calicut, while enjoying a fruitful career as teacher. She made her first Profession on 3 February 1949 and her final Profession on 3 February 1952.

When the Lord called her to his eternal dwelling to be always with Him, on 6 th March 2017, she had to her credit 70 years of religious life, and these 70 years of her religious life can be summed up in two words: fidelity and complete abandonment to the will of God.

Sr. M. Imelda, soon after her formation was appointed as novice mistress and later as superior at the same convent at Marikunnu. Her first transfer from the novitiate house was to Pallavaram as superior of the community. From Pallavaram she was transferred to Trivandrum as the first superior of the new House. Later she was in Mangalore and in 1992 returned to Pallavaram community and remained here till she breathed her last. It was her wish to breathe her last here because the Community, as well as the Parish community, held a special place in her heart since She spend more than half of the years of her religious life here.

Sr. M. Imelda was highly appreciated for her dedication and love for the Order.

When we look at her person, she was genuine, generous, gifted, grateful, and above all prayerful. She was an embodiment of optimism, of energy and hard work. She had the indole open, she accepted all that was good without hesitation, so she left a mark in the annals of Bridgettine History.

Sr. M. Imelda was ill for quite long time; her ups and downs were painful.

Even in her old age she never confined herself to her room but always on the move until the fatal fall on Dec 8 th 2016 brought her down to her bed. We prayed and hoped that she would overcome the illness, but God found her ready for heaven. On the afternoon of 6 th March 2017 she bid farewell, leaving behind sweet memories of a life well lived for the greater glory of God. The community at the convent at Pallavaram will not forget her easily because she still lives among us with her charming spiritual presence and in the presence of the poor who speak volume of her generosity. Sr. Imelda was an asset to our Order during her earthly life and we are sure she will continue to be a great asset to each one of us from her heavenly home. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Georgia – Aleykutty Charalamkunnal
18 th February 1936 – 15 February 2017

Sr. M. Georgia was born on 18 th Febuary 1936 in a pious family at Thodupuzha. Among seven children she was the youngest daughter of Charalamkunnel Joseph and Maria.

The young Alikutty recognized the call of God within her and decided to dedicate herself to Jesus and joined the Bridgettine family at Marikunnu. She was a fervent Novice and she made her first commitment to God on 6 th August 1963 and she offered herself totally to the Divine Master and made her final profession in the year 1966.

Sr. Georgia was very noble in character, her radiant smile and friendly approach attracted many people to find Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. She was a person of goodness, prayer, and panctuality. She sensed the needs of the community as well as the individual sisters and offered her assistance generously in order to help them. She was a person who transmitted goodness to the young sisters in the community as a loving and caring mother. She carried out the office of 2 nd Councilor for many years. She was active till her last moment. She served the Trivandrum community, for the last 24 years.

“Death will come like a thief” it was very true of our dear Sister Georgia.

God prepared a beautiful dwelling place in heaven for His beloved spouse.

On 12 th February 2017 morning she found difficult to breath, so she was hospitalized. The same day evening she suffered from a stroke and was paralyzed.

After having received the anointing of the sick she slept in the Lord on 15 th Feb. 11.50 P.M. The community of Trivandrum gratefully remembers our dear Sr. Georgia. She was a lamp that lit and placed on the pedestal. May her soul rest in peace! R.I.P.

Sr. M. Diana – Anna Mini Varkey Mekkatt
17 th December 1968 – 28 th October 2015

An Indian, was born in Peravoor, Kerala, on December 17 th 1968. On 8 th September 1991 begun her Postulancy at Marikunnu and in 1992 was sent to Rome, where she continued her religious formation at the Mother House, and made her First Profession on 8 th September 1994. On April 11 th 2000 in the Jubilee Year made her Perpetual Vows. Some years she was at the Mother House then later on transferred to Assisi, Farfa, Via delle Isole, Camaldoli and again to Via delle Isole. She had a strong and determined character, always smiling and cheerful and liked very much the music.

Sr. Diana had a delicate health. The last three years was under treatment, but no one could discover the disease from which she was suffering. For the last eight months she was admitted in various hospital, but the one at Forlì – Italy, finally diagnosed her illness, but it was too late and there wasn’t much to do. It was a rare disease. Sr. Diana was in the waiting list for the transplant of lungs that was the only and final treatment could do and she was looking forward to it. The last months she took part in the Holy Mass and other community activities. Until her last breath she was holding a small cross and a red rosary.

In spite of the seriousness of the illness, no one would have ever thought of such an imminent death, in the matter of few hours with a cardiac collapse! While the paramedic called in emergency were trying to help her and the Sisters reciting the chaplet of Divine Mercy, around 3.00 PM on 28 th October 2015, Sr. Diana flew to Heaven after 24 years of religious life. Thus terminated her earthly suffering.

We will always remember her beautiful smile. Dear Sr. Diana, please pray for us. R.I.P.!

Sr. M. Christine – Mary Avarappat
18th February 1939 – 9 th October 2015

Sr. M. Christine was born on February 18, 1939 in Kothamangalam (Kerala), India, the second of five children.

She entered the Order on 16 th July 1960 at Marikunnu, where she made her First Profession on February 3, 1962 and the Perpetual Vows on February 3, 1965.

In 1982 she was called to Rome and from there shortly after left for the community of Darien. She returned to Rome in 1986, and in the early 90's was transferred to Iver Heath, where she was a superior. Later on she was transferred to Italy in various communities, and here she was a great help with our apostolate with guests, especially in Farfa, Camaldoli and Olgiata. Finally, in 2011 because of her ill health, had to return to Marikunnu.

She suffered from Parkinson's and Alzheimer disease, in the last 10 months she was forced to stay in bed. Her condition was very pitiful that she could not even lift a finger. In silence with no complain knew to bear her sufferings. She was conscious until the last and was well prepared to meet her Savior. On Friday, October 9, 2015 at 21.40, while the sisters sang and recited prayers, she flew to heaven peacefully.

Sr. Christine was a committed religious, humble, faithful and devoted, very energetic, brave, hardworking and with many talents, especially for sewing and music. Ever ready to render service for the good of the community. Obedient to the Superiors until her last breath. And she was always engaged in her total donation to God, who now intercedes for us from heaven. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Raphael – Juliana Miranda
28 March 1917 – 19 March 2015

Indian nationality, was born in Hospet, Karnataka, on March 28, 1917, entered the convent at Marikunnu - Calicut on December 7, 1938, where Sr. Raphael made her First Profession on February 2, 1943 and Perpetual Vows on February 2, 1946.

At the end of the 1950s Sr. Raphael left for Rome. Remained at the Mother House for many years. Later on was transferred to Via delle Isole and remained there until the end for 40 years, working as long as she could with the elderly ladies, then who were sojourned there.

Sr. Raphael loved the common life, prayed with enthusiasm and rarely was absent from the choir. Always present for the daily Eucharistic Adoration. In fact, in the prayer she found her comfort and the strength to go forward. To all of us left an example of a good, holy religious, always grateful for the help received from the Sisters especially in the last days.

Jokingly used to say that she would like to see her centennial. Her departure from this world was a little unexpected. At the dawn on March 19, Saint Joseph came and took her to heaven.

Several Priests and a Deacon concelebrated the Mass, now from heaven Sr. Raphael will help us, praying also for good and holy vocations. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Eugene – Philomena Moolayil
May 1, 1961 – March 3, 2015

Sr. M. Eugene, is lovingly remembered in the heart of all those who had known her. She was born as the fourth child among the ten children on 1 st May 1961 in Alakkode - Kannur District - Kerala - India. To consecrate her life totally to Jesus she joined the Bridgettine convent at Kozhikode in 1983. Through the religious formation Sr. Eugene attained the clear insight of the consecrated life and made her First Profession on 2 nd February in 1986 and the Final Profession in 1993.

Sr. Eugene served the communities at Mysore, Puttur, Marikunnu and for the last 22 years in the community at Kalamassery, where she benefitted her praise worthy service in the catechetical ministry at St. Pius X Church.

Sr. Eugene was regarded for a particular prophetic gift from the Lord and spent many hours in the presence of the Eucharistic Lord, imploring God for all those who approached her with the request of prayer. Sr. Eugene, in fact, guided many people on the path of conversion and peace, welcoming every one with an open heart. She suffered a lot physically but the Lord lifted her up from distress. She asked the Lord for sufferings and pains in order to offer it for the sanctification of her beloved Order.

On February 6 th Sr. Eugene was hospitalized due to pneumonia and on the 9 th she herself asked and received the Last Sacraments. Then Sr. Eugene was on ventilator for 22 days and the Lord called her to Himself on 3 rd March 2015.

Sr. Eugene had a befitting farewell ceremony attended by many priests, religious and lay people who knew her. May her soul Rest in Peace.

Sr. M. Dolores – Beatrice Miranda
18 th September 1931- 12 th June 2014

Sr. Dolores Miranda, an Indian was  born in Cannanore, Kerala, on 18 th September 1931, as the second among the 6 girls. She lost her parents at an early age, took up employment for ten years with the British Commonwealth Company at Cannanore and she beautifully balanced her duty to her younger sisters before God called her to  the Bridgettine family.

Sr. Dolores entered the Order in 1960, and after two years made her First Profession and the Final Profession in 1965. She was transferred to Lugano in 1966 and to Mother House in 1971 where she served as personal secretary to then Mother General, Mother M. Hilaria Laubenberger, afterwards as General Councillor and Secretary General until1985. She fulfilled her task beautifully with her   perfect English and typing skill.

In 1986 she was transferred to Darien as Superior of the Community. Due to her ill health she returned to India, to Nantoor  in 1992. Sr. Dolores was gentle, hardworking above all a devout religious. Her systematic life, fidelity to her religious duties, Participation in the daily Eucharistic celebration and community activities, sense of obedience and prayerfulness are examples to be followed. Her joy in being in the company of  the community sisters was  admirable.

Sr. Dolores suffered physically due to her hypertension, she  silently endured her difficulties without  complaints  and spent all her time before the Blessed Sacrament. Often she used to be hospitalized but her recovery was fast except for the last time. Sr. Dolores, gratefully acknowledged every little act of  kindness toward her  with a sweet smile & with her prompt Thank you.

Sr. Dolores was an exemplary Bridgettine, a holy religious.  She loved her vocation, the Order, and every individual sisters. She peacefully passed away in the Lord on 12 th June 2014. May her soul rest in peace! R.I.P.

Sr. M. Leonie – Anna Lillykutty Orathel
11th July 1959 - 10 January 2013

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has passed away, behold the new has come (2 Cor.5:17)

Sr. Leonie (Lillykutty) the 3 rd child among the 9, born on 11 th July 1959 to Orathel Joseph and Mary from Angadikkadavu parish, belongs to the Archdiocese of Tellichery. She joined the Bridgettine Order in the year 1978 and made her final vows in the year 1986. She has served our different communities with dedication and love.

Sr. Leonie was diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2012 at the least expected time as she had no symptoms of the disease. She was admitted in St. Martha’s Hospital, later in HCG cancer care institute, then at St. Philomena’s hospital. She was regaining health, but suddenly deteriorated with acute pains. Sisters were aware of her seriousness, but never thought that death would steal her away silently.

Death is a reality but the whole Order stormed heavens to keep her with us for some more time. But God has His own ways which mortals cannot understand and she flew to Heaven on 10 th January 2013. When the sickness took a toll on her life, Sr.Leonie was confined to the room where the air was filled with praise and prayer.

Sr. Leonie’s life can be summarized with few words, a committed religious, and content with minimum, hard working, talented, humble, genuine, faithful religious. She was always had a peaceful, serene countenance, she found joy in kneeling before the Lord in Adoration, always ready at any time. Dear Sr. Leonie, God has you in His bosom and we have you in our hearts, intercede for your beloved Order. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Assuntha - Mary Pappanacheril
18 th September 1929 – 28 th July 2012

The souls of the righteous are in the hands of the Lord (Wisdom 3:1). These words of the sacred Scripture are literally true in the life of our dear Sr. M. Assuntha. She was born in Kuravilangad, Kerala on 18 th September 1929 in a pious family. She entered the Bridgettine Order in 1948 along with her younger sister Angela and made their first profession in 1952, on 3 rd February 1955 made their final Profession. Sr. Assuntha had served the Order in different communities in India and a few years in Rome.

Sr. Assuntha was very simple, hardworking and active till the last moment. She would never give up the community prayer and often she used to be found in the chapel before the Most Blessed Sacrament. Sister was suffering from Parkinson and she was highly diabetic for many years. On 28 th July, morning she was taken as usual to the hospital for periodical check-up and found her sugar level very high. Hence the medication was given and she was brought back to the convent around 5 pm. Within half an hour Sr. Assuntha left for eternity answering the call of her Divine Spouse. The shock of the community who gathered around her bed was unimaginable.

As she lived she bade farewell to this world quietly. We miss her every moment of the day.

Dear Sister Assuntha as you enjoy the bliss of heaven, intercede with the Lord for our dear Order. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Aurelia – Theresia Edathinakam
21 February 1943 – 5 March 2011

“For me to live is Christ and to die is gain” Phil. 1: 21. A life that bore abundant fruits and remained as His faithful servant was called back to her Master’s House on 5th March 2011. Our Sr.Aurelia Edathinakkam lived for Christ and flew to Heaven to reap her reward.

She was born at Kuretty – Kottayam in Kerala, in the year 1943 to God- fearing parents Dominic and Eliza, who accepted her decision to give herself totally to God. She was the 6th child among her 5 brothers and one sister. She joined the Bridgettine Order and made her First Profession on 8 th October 1965, and made her Final Profession on 8 th October 1968.

Sr. Aurelia devoted her life in an unassuming manner with fidelity and loyalty to God and to the Order; she was a person of few words, quiet and serene. She utilized her special talent of art and embroidery in adorning the Altar linen, making liturgical vestments and stitching habits and veils for all the sisters. She fulfilled her responsibilities with great perfection and accuracy. She held the office of local councillor and bursar, Delegation Councillor and Bursar. Sr. Aurelia suffered from arthritis which forcefully made her life slow down.

Sr. Aurelia used to face the painful situations with calmness. During her last days, though she suffered much, she used to say “I am much better than before” and always enquired about those who came to see her in her illness.

Sr. Aurelia spent 33, out of 47 years of her religious life in the Delegation house at Bangalore. It was an additional sacrifice to her to leave her beloved community at Bangalore and go to Kalamassery and then to Marikunnu for treatment. She suffered much pain and underwent her share of Calvary through her illness.

As she was showing the signs of recovery we hoped that she was regaining her strength and health. But the call of God came so sudden as she was struggling with breathlessness on 4 th march afternoon and immediately she was hospitalized. But nothing could resist her flight to heaven, on the 5 th morning she breathed her last. May the Lord open the gates of Paradise to our dear Sr. Aurelia! R.I.P. and pray to the Lord for us and our beloved Order. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Bertha – Aley Kannathukuzhyil
February 22 nd 1938 – 27 th August 2010

Sr. Bertha was born on 22 nd February 1938 at Muvattupuzha, Kothamangalam diocese, in Kerala as the 5 th child among the 6 children of Mr. Joseph and Aley.

She entered the Convent at Marikunnu on 20 th February 1963, made her first profession on 3 rd February 1966, and made her final profession on 3 rd February 1972 at Marikkunnu. Sr. Bertha rendered her selfless services in the communities of Marikunnu, Madras, Trivandrum and Kalamassery.

Sr. Bertha was very simple in nature and her childlike simplicity won the hearts of all those who came in contact with her. She loved her family and the Bridgettine family alike. She had a great love for the Church and sacrificed her time and energy for the well fare of the parish church even in her sick bed. She was gifted with very good hand writing and she made use that gift to keep in touch with the benefactors of our convents during the difficult periods of our communities in India.

Even though Sr. Bertha had been suffering more than one year from critical illness, she used to say often that the Good Lord has spared her from pain. Towards the end she had to undergo surgical treatment as she had a very bad fall causing the fracture of her thigh born. But she was daring and received the anointing of the sick with full consciousness and even singing and praising the Lord. So much so the doctors and Nurses who attended on her were edified by the graciousness of our dear Sister.

Sr. Bertha was ever grateful to the sisters of Kalamassery community who assisted her day during her illness. During her last days Sr. Bertha was privileged to have the presence of dear Mother Delegate, Mother Regina Kalathil. She said to Mother “I am not afraid of death and I am just waiting to go to my heavenly fathers’ home and I can already see the angels standing around me”.

The dawn of 27 th August found Sr. Bertha suffering from breathlessness and she started sinking. At 2.15 pm while doctors and nurses were making every effort to ease her breathlessness and the sisters praying the name of Jesus Mary Joseph around her bed, the soul of our dear Sr. Bertha flew to heaven to join the band of Bridgettines in heaven.

Dear Sr. Bertha, intercede and pray to the Lord for us and our beloved Order. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Alberta – Regina Fernandes
February 20 th 1944 – December 27 th 2008

Born in Goa (India) on February 20, 1944. Entered the religion, the Bridgettine Convent at Marikunnu, at the age of 23, in 1967, where she made her First Profession on May 4 th 1969. She spent the following 4 years in Mysore, while on May 4 th 1974 she was again back to Marikunnu for the Final Profession.

She was of simple character, performed her duties with conscientiously and dedication. In 1976 was transferred to Rome to the House at Piazza Farnese and here she remained until her death.

Sr. Alberta was differentiated for her admirable faithfulness not only to her daily task, but also and in particular toward the person of Rev. Mother Abbess General, Mother Tekla, for whom she had a special care which she rendered until her last days, all her love and loyalty. She spent, in fact, most of her time near Mother, always available with her little services.

For years she was suffering from Diabetes and other complications encountered during the last years, many times she had been admitted in the hospital, but always patiently she waited to return to the Convent, where with great joy she performed her “duty” to remain near her “santa”, name she used to call Rev. Mother lovingly.

Tree weeks prior to her death she was admitted in the hospital, where she was taken well care of, but the last night her conditions deteriorated for the kidney failure and cardiac collapse and on December 27, at 13.45, Sr. Alberta left this world. Mother was by her that same morning, even though the doctors did not allow her to see because she was transferred in the ICU.

Sr. Alberta, for her simplicity and goodness of her heart, was very dear to all the Sisters, above all to the ones at Mother House, where she spent most of her life. Now from Heaven she intercedes for us all, but in particular for dearest Mother. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Helen – Mary Ithyparambil
1932 November 9 –7 th July 2008

Sr. Helen was born on 9 th November 1932 in Ithiparambil family at Kumbalangi, Kerala, as the daughter of Mr. Joseph and Anna.  She was 9 th child among the 10 children. Following the path of her elder sister, Sr. Laetitia, Sr . Helen responded to God’s call and made her first profession in 1961 and said her eternal YES to the Lord in 1964.

  Rooted in Missionary Spirit, in 1978 Sr. Helen went to Rome, and she served the communities of America, Sweden and England for long 20 years of her life. In 1998 Sr. Helen returned to India and served the communities of Kalamassery, Trivandrum and Marikunnu. 

She had a robust health and she worked hard to help the community. 

The last six months of Sr. Helen’s life was a real sharing in the Passion of Jesus. Her ardent devotion to the Sacred heart of Jesus gave her strength to suffer for the Lord. 

Sr. Helen’s speech was lost and she became a witness to the silent world. This suffering was very painful because she could not communicate anything especially in her pain and sufferings. Gradually her health deteriorated and was not able to take any food and she had to depend on liquid to sustain her life. 

She was a person of prayer, and many parishioners used to visit her to ask for prayer in their struggles of life. She wanted sisters to be around her and often she asked to pray and sing loudly. She had great love and respect for priests and always offered prayers for them. 

As she breathed her last on 7 th July at 5.30 p.m., our Bishop Joseph Kalathilplarambil and few priests were offering prayers at her death bed. Sr. Helen was looking very calm and fresh, as if she was in deep sleep.  Her face was so bright and grace filled, she was purified in the furnace of suffering.  May her soul enjoy the peace of the Lord together with all the angels and saints. Dear Sr. Helen intercede for us all. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Martha – Anna Manjulamalayil
1929 April 26 – 2008 26 th June

Sr. Martha was born on 26 th April 1929 in Manjulamalayil family at Kuravilangadu , Kerala as the daughter of  Mr. Joseph and Mary.  She was the 5 th among the 6 children.   God chose her as His bride and she chose Bridgettine Order together with her younger sister Sr. Candida. She made her first vows in 1949 and made her final vows in 1952. In 1962 she went to Italy, lived long 16 years serving different communities in Europe.  1978 she returned to India served the communities of Kalamassery, Trivandrum and Marikunnu.

Sr. Martha was very quiet in nature, one hardly could notice her presence in the community except through her hard work.  The evening of her earthly life was filled with suffering, but there were no complaints from her except she could not bear the breeze.  She spent her time in praying in the chapel, always Rosary in the hand.

Sr. Martha was person who was very much afraid of medicines and doctors. From March onwards Sr. Martha was very sick and she was  in and out of the Hospital.  Sr. Martha suffered intense pain and discomfort in breathing. She had been in the intensive care unit for quite long where the doctors and nurses tried their best to ease her pain and suffering.

She was always grateful to the sisters who assisted her during her illness. She often repeated that she is ready to meet Jesus. 

Sisters from Marikunnu community took turn to be near her death bed praying Rosaries and other prayers to comfort her.

On 26 th June at 1.30 a.m. Sr. Martha concluded her earthly mission and passed to eternity. Dear Sr. Martha intercede before the Lord, for our Holy order, for our beloved Mother General and for all your dear sisters.  We pray that you may rest in the abode of peace and light. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Cecilia – Theresa S’Souza
9 th September 1925 – 13 th March 2008

Born of pious parents on 9 th September 1925 at Derebail, Mangalore (India), she was the fourth among the five children of Mr. Lawrence and Sabina D’Souza. At the age of eight she lost her mother and was brought up by her maternal Aunt. She completed her studies in Lady Hill School and did her teacher’s training at St. Ann’s, Mangalore, after which she was working as a teacher in Lady Hill. Then she was appointed as Head Mistress in St. Rita’s School Cassia from 1947 to 1952.

She entered the convent in 1953 at the age of 28, giving up her teaching carrier to respond to God’s call to the life of prayer and adoration. She was strong, energetic and ever prompt, and developed her talents with a sense of responsibility.

On 3 rd February 1954 she made her First Profession and on 3 rd February 1959 she made her Final Profession. Sr. M. Cecilia had a hard time, made of privation and sacrifices, yet she knew to accept everything as God’s will and to drew profit for her spiritual enrichment. For many years she was a member of the community of Bangalore where she carried out her duty as a warden, there she proved her ability by putting up a beautiful hostel for the working ladies. In 1976 she was transferred to Nantoor. Here she was entrusted with the task of the Superior, for the new Foundation. In 1986 she was transferred to puttur for construction of new Convent and hostel. In 1992 she was again appointed as Superior of the House at Nantoor for three years and at this Community she concluded her earthly life. In all these years she took courage to steer the wheel of these new houses and to bear hardships calmly and courageously. She derived strength from the Lord.

Sr. M. Cecilia was very jovial person, active, alert, available and approachable. She had a very pleasant personality, friendly and kind. She touched the lives of those who came to her by her kindness and gentle talk. She loved very much the little children; she had a special corner for the priests.

As the age grew her memory began to deteriorate and she was not able to cop up with the daily life. She suffered a lot physically with pain and was not able to move about.

The long suffering of Sr. M. Cecilia came to an end on 13 th March 2008 at 3.00 a.m. at Fr.Muller’s Hospital Kankanady.

Dear Sr. M. Cecilia, the vacuum you have created in our lives by your departure will never be filled up; your loving memories will remain always in our heart. We believe in your intercession for all of us. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Zita – Anna Thanathuparambil
February 14, 1936 – June 9, 2006

Sr. M. Zita was born on 14th Feb. 1936 in Arakuzha, in Thodupuzha at the diocese of Kothamangalam in Kerala. She was the 4 th child among the 6 children of Mathew Thanathuparambil and Eliza.

She entered the convent at Marikunnu, Calicut, in 1959 and made her first profession on 4 th May 1961 and final commitment on 4 th May 1964.

Sr. Zita’s simplicity and ardent prayer life was an inspiration to the young sisters in the community. She served the communities with an ever smiling face and availability, always responding positively to the superiors doing all her duties. She lived her 46 years of religious life in various communities like Kalamassery, Puttur, Bangalore, Chikmagalur and her last days in Trivandrum. She always showed her respect to those in authorities and to her spiritual directors.

Sr. Zita lived her life in a quiet way, one can always picture her with the Rosary beads rolling down through her fingers. Towards the end she was suffering from breathlessness as she was a patient of Ischemic Heart Disease for many years. But the end came unexpectedly. She breathed her last silently as she lived on 9 th June 2006 at 11 A.M.

Dear Sr. Zita, intercede before the Lord for our Mother Abbess and for the entire Order. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Gabriel – Letitia Pais
19 February 1917 – 17 January 2006

“Quick was the call,
surprised us all
only those who lost can tell
the loss of a dear Sister without a fare well”

Sr. Gabriel Pais an Indian was born on 19 th February 1917 in Urwa, Mangalore, she joined the Convent at Marikunnu in 1938, made her First Profession on February 2, 1941 and the Perpetual Vows on February 2, 1946.

She was fondly called Laetitia, youngest among 8 children. Her family atmosphere tuned her life to listen to the voice of the Lord in silence. Parents responded positively as their four daughters decided to dedicate their lives to the service of God and His people as Religious.

Her call to religious life bloomed in the Bridgettine garden where she pitched a tent before the Blessed Sacrament.

She held many offices of responsibility as a Superior in various Communities in India. The years that followed was the years of dedication in the service of ceaseless efforts made to spread God’s love through her deeds.

As the days passed by Sr. Gabriel’s health was deteriorating and becoming weaker and weaker. Finally the long years of sufferings of Sr. Gabriel came to an end on 17 th January at 20:15. Sr. Gabriel bid farewell to her earthly existence in the midst of the Community and in the presence of our Parish Priest Fr. Peter Noronha who were praying, commenting her soul to the Lord.

As usual Sr. Gabriel had her daily pattern of life. Sisters had brought her to the Chapel in the Wheel chair for the evening prayer and had recreation as well. The sign of seriousness occurred after 18:30. Immediately all the members gathered around her bedside started praying, at 20:15 she bid farewell to her beloved Community. She had a peaceful death without much struggle and her face was graceful. 

Death is not an end itself; it opens the doors to eternal life. The journey of love, dedication, sacrifice and life of prayer ended to start another journey to the eternal home. R.I.P

Sr. M. Thecla – Lucy D’Souza
17 February 1927 – 19 February 2005

Death gives way to the life that dies no more.

“If we live, we live for the Lord, if we die, we die for the Lord, so whether alive or dead we belong to the Lord” Rom.14:8. Sr. Thecla lived for the Lord throughout her earthly pilgrimage and now in death she belongs totally to Him.

Sr. Thecla was born on 17 th .Feb.1927 in Mangalore. She was the only child of her devoted parents Paschal & Concepta D’Souza. She had her early studies in Bantwal. For further studies she joined St. Agnes College in Mangalore, where she displayed her talents as a brilliant student. At the end of her college studies she took up her carrier as teacher for few years. During the course of time the seed of a Religious vocation grew in her gradually. In 1950 the Late Archbishop Albert D’Souza then her parish priest knowing her inclination to prayer life guided her to the Bridgettine Order.

In 1952 made her Religious profession at Marikunnu Calicut. From the beginning her motto was “ perfection” Knowing her abilities, she was sent to Italy and U.K. where she readily gave her services. After her father’s death she was anxious that there was nobody to look after her Mother who landed up in St. Antony’s Institution in Mangalore. So our convent at Nantoor readily offered to look after her till her last end. This was a great consolation for dear Sr. Thecla. After many years abroad, her health was failing and she returned to India . She lived a dedicated life, and was a model especially to the Juniors, whom she used to instruct and teach especially in matters of Liturgy.

Sr. Thecla was gradually getting worse, and for the last 6 months she was practically bedridden. She was fully conscious that her end was in sight. On the 14 of February she took very ill, and we shifted her to the hospital, but the doctors could do very little. She commended her spirit very peacefully in the hands of the Lord on 19 th . February at 7.30 P.M. May her soul rest in peace! R.I.P.

Sr. M. Agnes – Helen Rasquinha
17 August 1921 – 2 December 2003

Sr. M. Agnes was born on 17th August 1921 in Angel re parish, Mangalore.
She was the fifth child among eight children of Monthu Rasquinha and Jovana D'Souza. She followed her brother who was a Benedictine monk and her elder sister, Sr.Maurizia who belonged to the sisters of Charity, to work for the growth of the kingdom of God through religious life.

She entered the convent at Marikunnu, calicut on 19th June 1942 and made her first profession on 3rd February 1944. Her final commitment was on 3rd February 1947. She has gone through lot of suffering from her young age in the convent. She had a major operation at Vellore hospital of the spinalcord.

She was like the candle burned out before the altar of the Eucharistic Lord.

She was appointed Novice Mistress in 1968 to 1978 and then again from 1986 to 1989. She could not continue this very important service to the Order due to her ill health. As the Novice Mistress for several years she shaped and moulded her Novices through her example and spirit-filled life.

Our present Mother Delegate and many Superiors and sisters here in India and abroad are her Novices.

She was one of the pioneer member and sister-in-charge of our convent at Trivandrum. There too she underwent poverty, inconveniences and many initial problems of 1978.

She was the first councillor and procurator of the community for several years. The Bridgettines in India always remember her gracious presence in Marikunnu. She was always pleasant, charitable and ever ready to help all those who were in need. The last one year of her life was an year of moral and physical suffering for her. One can say she has already gone through purgatory here on earth. Though sick and suffering, the end came unexpected. While many of the sisters were standing around her bed and praying, suddenly she breathed her last and closed her eyes. About a month ago she had received the Sacrament of the sick. She was well aware and alive till the last. She dies peacefully and calmly in the night of 2nd December 2003. May she rest in peace!

Sr.Agnes absence makes a void in the life of the Bridgettine convent in Marikunnu where her life was consumed for 53 long years. Dearest Sr.Agnes, pray for your dear sisters and Novices! R.I.P.

Sr. M. Angela - Clara Pappanaceril
18 February 1932 – 18 May 2002

From birth like a shadow follows the death. Even though it is a heart-aching reality, still it is the start of a new life. Sr. M. Angela was born in a pious and well known family on 18.2.1932 at Kuravilagand, Kerala. In 1948 with her Sister, tapped at the Bridgettine Convent in Marikunnu. In 1952 she made her Perpetual vows together with her sister. And together they celebrated the Jubilee on 2nd February 2002.

She always held a responsible task and she was ever energetic to fulfil all that had been entrusted to her. She played an important role towards the growth of the Bridgettine Communities in India thus she visited Rome many times representing India. She contributed her service and sacrifices willingly at the initial stage of the new Communities by placing herself at the mercy of God who cares the lilies of the field. She found strength in prayer and her strong faith made her to accept every trial with admirable tranquillity to the great satisfaction of her Superiors. The present Bridgettine generation has grown through her benevolent hands. She is grateful to the Order that allowed her to grow up and through her grew up the Order and many young members.

With her sickly Bridgettine sister, she went to visit the family and the Lord called her to Himself in a very unexpected manner. As usual Sr. Angela got up in the morning and greeted the family members but soon realized her inability to walk up to the Church. An immediate medical check-up proved her ill health and after having comforted by the last Sacraments and prayers of the Sisters who were around her bed, Sr. Angela made her way to heaven peacefully. She was always calm and serene thus her passing to the new life too was very silent on 18 May 2002.

During her short visit, she expressed her desire to be buried in Kalamassery and after ten days the Lord granted the wish of His beloved. With respect and pride we say goodbye to you as we cherish your soft words and exemplary life. Sr. Angela pray for us! R.I.P.

Sr. M. Nativita – Monti Crasta
14 December 1918 – 7 April 2001

Sr. Nativita was born of a pious family on 14 the December 1918 in Mangalore. The catholic atmosphere engraved in her soul to be the spouse of Christ in a convent and with such aim she grew up. She left her home town and entered the new convent at Marikunnu on 24 th May 1937, few weeks after the first Bridgettine Sisters reached from Rome to India. She was one of the first three candidates who joined thus joining herself among the pioneer Bridgettine group in India. She pronounced her first Vows on 16 th Nov.1940.

As usual the early days of this new foundation formed her soul and body, so to be a cheerful and loyal soldier of Christ. Lack of food and rest and above all the new language melted her zealous spirit like gold in the furnace so to shine for Jesus alone.

Her soft words and gentle movement attracted the young and old alike in the community.

She loved to pray aloud, she loved the animals and plants and for this reason she spoke to them thus expressing her joy and gratitude to God for the beautiful creation. She worked strenuously for the welfare of the community. She was always a candidate for the new Foundations in Madras, Kalamassery and Myosre. Wherever she went she did her level best to help the community. In Mysore, she was in charge of preparing hosts for the entire Diocese and this task she did with great affection and devotion. Even in her old age she was recalling about it with joy. Through strict personal discipline she acquired and enjoyed good health of mind and body and was very respectful to the Superiors and Sisters. In her simplicity she was ever ready to do any comic to make others happy. Her ardent devotion to Our Lady made her to be another Mary in the convent. Away from work, she held the rosary in hand so to say any number of rosaries with the Sisters and run to the chapel to be with Jesus.

Few days before her death, she attended a retreat preached in our parish. Just two days in bed with fever and a few hours in the hospital where she made everybody happy with her innocent jokes. While reciting the rosary, she breathed her last on 7 th April at 2 p.m., leaving a lasting memory of love and innocence on her sisters. May her soul rest in peace. Pray for us dear sister Nativita. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Livia - Presilla Swamydass
6 March 1974 – 1 January 2001

Sr. M. Livia, an Indian National, came to Rome in 1997 in order to begin her Novitiate in St Bridget’s House, Piazza Farnese, together with other two Postulants coming from Tamil Nadu.

She had a jovial character, full of life and always a spontaneous smile for whom ever she came in contact. During work she enjoyed herself greatly with the other sisters and was always willing to do any service with eagerness to learn everything.

She loved to remain before the Blessed Sacrament in Adoration also because from the time she was a very young girl this devotion had been instilled in her. While she was still a Novice, she said, that one morning, after having received permission from her Novice Mistress, she would have got up only for Holy Mass, because she didn’t not feel well. After the second bell someone bent over her saying, “Go on, get up for prayers!” and she could see St Michael’s wing clearly with his red cloak, After this episode she never wanted to miss prayers.

Once she had made her first profession in Mother House on November 11th 1999 she was transferred to the small community of Olgiata in via Cassia, where she jokingly said: “Perhaps St. Michael doesn’t know my new address.

Later on she was asked to go to the community of Assisi where she would end her days prematurely. The sisters of the community in Assisi said that she had worked up to the last moment. That day before the vespers, she had gone to ring the bell but did not return to the choir, she was, in fact, lying on the ground bathed in blood and in a weak voice cried for help.

Let us give a report in Mother General’s words written in the circular letter Prot 1/01 to announce her death: “Our little daughter Sr. M. Livia... suddenly felt unwell... we took her to the clinic immediately in Assisi, where she was given a blood transfusion... However, the sister said to Sr. Marcellina: “Give me my rosary. I think I’m dying”. Since her situation did not improve, the doctors, with our permission decided to operate, but to no avail, because her body was totally covered in blood; she was closed up again... but the sister took her flight to the Father’s house. It was 4.30 am. on the first day of the year 2001.

Sr. Livia was the first daughter born in her family and her parents had offered this flower to Jesus. From the time she was little she had always wanted to be a good nun. They waited for her in India with so much love and after learning the sad news they wrote to Mother Abbess through their tears. “Our beloved daughter had come to the Holy City, now she is dead and buried in Holy ground but all this was the will of God”. Certainly she intercedes for us now from heaven. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Bernadet - Rosa Noronha
19 December 1913 – 19 September 2000

“If we live, we live for the Lord, if we die, we die for the Lord, so whether alive or dead we belong to the Lord” (Rm, 14,8). These words of St Paul were appropriately read at the Eucharistic Celebration on the day of Sr. Bernadet’s funeral. She had lived for the Lord throughout her earthly pilgrimage and now in death she belongs totally to Him.

Sr. Bernadet, our lovely “Rose in the Bridgettine bouquet” in the garden of the order of the Most Holy Saviour of St Brigid, lived among us radiating love and perfume of the rarest kind. Sr. Bernadet, “The beautiful Rose”, the last of eight children, was born on December 19th 1913. In 1934, she came to Rome with other three companions, young, vibrant and attractive girls, who took up the adventure of the riskly journey to Rome guided by Rev. Fr. E. Beretta S.J. in order to be instructed by our noble and heroic Mother Foundress, Blessed M.E. Hesselblad, putting the seal, as it were, on Bridgettine History in India - Therefore she is lovingly remembered and rightly called “pioneer” member, who lit the flame of Bridgettine Spiritual life and holiness in our country. This is the first sentiment of gratitude and admiration of her heroism which flash in our heart.

By her characteristic qualities of modesty, simplicity, affection and fascinating manner, she conquered the hearts of her many devoted friends, civil and ecclesiastic, She lived her life with a passionate love of the Sacred Liturgy singing the Divine Office and finding joy and satisfaction in writing her mystical poems, She felt proud of being “the little rose”, as our Blessed Mother affectionately called her and “The gracious Rose” of Jesus, her beloved spouse-

In His goodness, God granted Sr. Bernadet a long life on earth full of graces and blessings and we could not expect more of God. She enjoyed good health and happiness in her life. We have a glimmer of her spiritual life in her writings: “Jesus, you rectify the petals on your imperfect Rose”.

On the occasion of her golden jubilee she wrote: “For 50 years I recited the Divine office with ever more fervour and care. Lord, your love, you have shown me through the goodness and tenderness of my superiors and of my sisters”.

During her final illness, she received Holy Communion daily and the Sacrament of the sick before meeting her Spouse. On September 19th, 2000 at approximately 8.15, Our Lord Jesus Christ called her while she was surrounded by so many of her sisters who were praying for her.

Our beloved Mother General, in her letter wrote on the occasion of her passing on: “The departure of a sister is always a great sadness to us all, but also joy because they are not dead but they live in the Lord”. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Luka - Carmine Pinto
8 July 1911 - 24 March 1998

Sr.M.Luka, an Indian was born at Ferar, Mangalore, on 8 July 1911. She joined the Convent on 5 December 1937 as she was accepted by Mother M.Francis, the first Superior of Marikunnu.

Rev.Fr.Edward Beretta was instrumental in bringing her to the Convent.

She was of a robust constitution, ever ready to do any hard work and in the initial stages of the new foundation she went through countless hardships, unnoticed sacrifices and privations.

She made her first religious Profession on 16 November 1940.

Sr.Luka was a very simple, humble and prayerful soul, very respectful and loving towards her Superiors, ardently devoted to the blessed Sacrament and our Blessed Lady. She was the portress for several years. She welcomed every person at the door with affection and concern. She wept with those in tears and rejoiced with those in gladness. She was in charge of the orphange where she showed her maternal qualities by taking care of the children without minding her rest and food. She saw in every child the image of God. She loved the poor and worked with them in the compound thus helping them in the best possible manner.

In 1993 she had a fall which injured her brain and it affected her memory power of and for this reason she was confined to her room. Her condition grew worse in the last seven months as she was deprived of solid food and having lost the power of speech. Her serene countenance showed that she bore the trial with patience and resignation and offered her life to God like sweet scented incense and its fragrance will be cherished by all at Marikunnu.

Sr.Luka was indeed the heart of our community. She continues to intercede on our behalf. Sr.Luka is physically absent but we feel her presence in every corner of the house, as every plant and tree in the garden speak of her. She was a model to our community for 60 years.

She kept her lamp burning: the lamp of faith and love, humility and obedience. She loved her vocation and was faithful to the end. Our Blessed Mother Mary on the eve of the feast of Annunciation at midnight took her soul to God on 24 March 1998. We are ever grateful to Sr.Luka. May her soul rest in peace. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Lucy - Lucy Elanjipuram
12 November 1950 - 21 October 1995

Lucy Elanjipuram, Indian, was born on 12 November 1950 at Changanachery Kerala. She was the only daughter of her parents. She entered the convent at Marikunnu, Calicut on 14 September 1971 and made her Temporary Vows on 2nd February 1974 and courageously took her final commitment on 2nd February 1979.

She was a good, pious soul, dedicated to prayer and to her duties. In her work she was very precise and edifying. She spent 23 years out of 24 years of her religious life in the Novitiate house at Calicut; She had a special preference for this cradle of our Order in India. She excelled in faithful and punctual observance of the Rules and Constitutions, thus leaving a lasting mark on the young sisters who are trained there.

She devoted her life in an unassuming manner with courage, fortitude and loyalty to God and the Order. She utilized her special talent of art and embroidery in adorning the Altar linen. She fulfilled her responsibilities with great perfection and accuracy and the Order counted much on her. She held the office of local bursar and local councillor for several years, until the fateful disease manifested its symptoms.

It was an additional sacrifice to her to leave her beloved community at Calicut and go to Bangalore for treatment. She suffered much pain and underwent her share of calvary during 8 months of her illness. As she was showing the signs of recovery we had the hope of her regaining strength and health.

But the call of God came so sudden and so shocking on 21 October 1995 at 8.30 am. May the Lord open the gates of paradise to our beloved Sr.Lucy. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Tarcisia - Maud Lobo
13 February 1933 - 3 March 1993

“The souls of the righteous are in the hands of God, and no torment will ever touch them” (Wis;3:11). Sr.Tarcisia Lobo was born at Milagris in Mangalore on 13 February 1933, the fourth in a family of six chidlren where four are in religious life. The strong traits of her personality such as asceticism and serenity, together with a heroic endurance manifested themselves from an early age. Those who knew her personally would recall her characteristic virtues of patience, kindness, meekness and gentleness which shone forth in a definite and refined character in “Maud” as an young girl and a woman.

She joined the Order at the age of seventeen and made her religious Profession on 3rd Febraury 1952. She was chosen as the first Indian Bridgettine for pioneering a new foudnation of the Order in Connecticut USA. In 1969 Sr.Tarcisia was sent to Rome to attend Theological studies and subsequently she was elected as General Councillor at Curia Generaliza in Rome.

After twenty years away from India, Sr.Tarcisia yearned to retrun to India in order to exercise her missionary vocation. Her heart went out to the poor, the needy and like her Master who felt sorry when he saw the crowd, “for they were harassed and dejected, like sheep without a shepherd”(Mt.9:37). In India she held office as Junior Mistress and Delegation Councillor in Bangalore and later Superior at Nantoor.

In 1990 the first signs of a brain tumour which proved to be malignant made her share the motto “ My love is crucified”. Her silent sufferings through two brain operations, along with the gradual loss of the use of all her faculties, edified everyone. Ripe to the core with sufferings patiently borne Sr.Tarcisa’s soul flew from our midst to eternity to share the glorious resurrectuion of her Saviour Lord Jesus on 3rd March 1993. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Mathea - Natalia Furtado
21 June 1905 - 28 July 1992

“ONE WITH THE ETERNAL” Natalia was born on 21 June 1905 in Mangalore and her soul returned to the Father’s embrace on 28 July 1992 at 7 00 a.m.

God had special designs on Natalia as her age kept running towards 32. The prayerful spirit in her was amply rewarded when the new Bridgettine Order wasestablished at Calicut. A life of Adoration by day and by night to aid the missionaries. The Abbess Mother Francisca rejoiced over the fourth candidate endowed with robust constitution and full of life. Thus the community of Marikunnu began to grow. Young Natalia surpassed every privation and difficulty with courage and zeal. She loved Mother Elisabeth. Other than her mother tongue, she spoke English, Malayalam and Italian.

She made her perpetual Profession on 16 November 1943 and took the name Sr. Mathea.

Sr. Mathea was transferred to the house of Kalamassery in 1962 and she remained there for 30 years until she answered the heavenly call. Sr. Mathea celebrated the 25 and 50 anniversary of Profession in 1962 and 1990 respectively. With devotion and love, she fulfilled all her duties of the house, in the garden and in the kitchen. She loved the Community and the Order and scrupulously observed the Rule. Devotion to the Eucharist brightened her days.

Her angelic smile attracted souls and she was ever grateful to God, to the Superiors, to the community and to the benefactors for their gifts. Until 1987 she worked with a strong will. When she could not do any work prayer became her overpowering strength and she was always found in the choir with a rosary in her hand.

On 28 July, Jesus received her into his kingdom of peace and joy. R.I.P.

Sr. Lourdes Mary - Jabamala Anthoniswamy
17 November 1964 - 6 May 1991

Jabamala the 13th and last in the family was born on 17 November 1964 at Palaghat. In 1986 she entered in Mysore and on 2 February 1989 made her first Profession at Calicut.

She enjoyed good health of mind and body thus became a model to her companions. By nature spoke little but the community felt her presence as she followed fully in the community life.

In April she had to undergo a medical check up which indicated her galloping Ovarian cancer.

Sr.Lourdes Mary accepted her illness with a smile by preparing herself to go to heaven. She begged to make her final Profession. Mother General granted her desire. To pronounce her Vows, shechose the first friday of the month at 4.00 p.m. Everything happened in her room during the Holy Mass of the Sacred Heart. It was 3 May and she was well prepared so she asked her Mamma to get dressed for the feast. She had written a letter to the community telling them to join her in the celebration.

Deeply recollected and with great devotion she followed Holy Mass. After the homily she was radiant and while pronouncing the vows, she said very clearly: " until death"... After Holy Communion, there followed a moment of silence and she seemed very happy and satisfied. She thanked Mother General, her Superiors and Priests who assisted her with prayers and kindness. She continually said: "few hours more... Jesus take me...soon I will be at home..."

She was fortunate to die in the Jubilee year. As usual she recited the Rosary and singing a Marian hymn stopped breathing at 22.00 p.m. It was on 6 May 1991. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Therese - Juliana D'Souza
24 February 1933 - 24 July 1990

Sr.M.Therese was born of pious parents on 24 February 1933 at Mulki, Mangalore. From the cradle onwards she had a radiant smile.

Her postulancy and novitiate were remarkable. The young novice dedicated her talents, time and energy fully to the service of God. She did not spared herself rather, she worked with fervour and joy to fulfil the project of God in her life. She followed Jesus with a tender expression and never refusing any sacrifice, counting no cost, but ever promoting his honour and glory.

In 1958 Sr.Therese pronounced the perpetual vows and developed all the talents with ardent service with a sense of responsibility, working very late in the night so as to complete sewing habits for Sisters as well as vestments for the diocesan priests.

In 1964 Sr.Therese was nominated assistant of the new Superior of Marikunnu. In 1973 she assumed the responsibility of the community with ardour and zeal. In fact she loved and took care of the poor.

In 1981 Mother Therese was transferred to Puttur to guide the new foundation. This was not an easy task but placing all her trust in the Lord she marched forward with courage.

In 1986 she returned to Marikunnu and continued her role as Superior by guiding the young souls to the Lord and to holiness. The Lord looked at his servant with love and comprehension. The call came all of a sudden and without warning in the early hours of 24 July 1990 after the solemn celebration of the transit to heaven of St.Bridget. After midnight Mother Therese called the Sisters and spoke very clearly. She asked pardon of them all and at 1.10 am she joined her hands, looked above.... and closed her eyes as if in sleep. She was prepared to meet Jesus. Later the Doctor declared that she had had a heart attack.

May the good God grand her eternal reward by receiving her soul into his kingdom for all that she performed in life. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Benigna - Agnes Furtado
6 April 1931 - 25 June 1992

Agnes was an only child and she was born on 6.4.1931 at Mulki, Mangalore. In 1952 she entered the new foundation at Marikunnu. Sr.Benigna had always been a flower who concealed the perfume of her virtues.

In 1960 she was transferred to Bangalore. In 1978 considering her good character and mild maternal expression, made Superior in the community at Puttur. In 1981 she returned to Bangalore where she placed all her tailoring talents and experience at the disposal of the community.

She suffered from cancer and this was under medical control but she was often tried in many ways due to this illness. Knowing well the seriousness of her disease, she was ever serene and with a smile would say: "now I am fine". She had to have insulin, daily but her arm became an open wound due to the injections.

She was ever at the service of the community so much so, that she forgot her needful rest. Always serving, the community remembers her with gratitude and still more her kind words and silent service.

Cardinal Lourduswamy was her spiritual brother. On 25 June she looked well but at midday she entered the room and exclaimed in a loud voice: "Mamma Mary,... help".. Immediately she was taken to the hospital and while speaking closed her eyes all of a sudden.

She had began a letter to her mother who lives alone, telling her not to worry about anything because the Lord sees to everything.

She encouraged the young sisters above all through her example of a life of love for the Order. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Ignatia - Elize Pinto
10 February 1915 - 7 March 1988

“Light endless light darkness has room no more!”

Elize Pinto was born of Sebastian and Sabina on 10 February 1915 in Mangalore and was caught up in endless light on 7 March 1988, in the Marian year.

Young Elize joined the Bridgettine Order on 25 May 1937 and she was one of the first candidates in Marikunnu.

She took the name in religion of Sr. Ignatia and she made her perpetual Vows on 16 November 1943. She was transferred to the new foundation at Bangalore in 1959 where she placed all her gifts and talents of charity, sincerity, prayer and punctual Adoration hours at the service of the Community. She suffered a lot due to diabetes and was bedridden for 3 months and died like Jesus at 3.00 p.m. on 7 March 1988 at Bangalore.

As, was said above, her virtues flourished especially of humility, simplicity and obedience in Marikunnu and Bangalore Communities.

The first Mother Francesca could count on her fidelity from the beginning. She worked hard in the kitchen with great care and dedication. So she treated the sisters as well as the guests. For herself a diet of no salt no sugar was a severe test but she endured it without complaint.

She manifested her respect of the Superiors, attachment to the Order and admiration of the Servant of God Mother Elisabeth. She loved animals saying: we have heaven after death but animals don’t.

According to the motto of her Patron Saint she too performed every act for the glory of God and now she intercedes for us in heaven. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Laetitia - Theresine Ithyparambil
12 August 1921 - 15 December 1986

“Light endless light, darkness has room no more.” with this radiant axiom, we catch a glimpse of the earthly sojourn of Sr. Laetitia Ithyparambil.

She was born on 12th August 1921 in Cochin, Kerala, in the bosom of a good and pious catholic family. She entered religious life at Marikunnu in 1947 and pronounced her first Vows in 1949. Her final commitment was in 1952. She was a pioneer in the new foundation at Bangalore in 1960 in the first difficult years she specially proved to be a useful valiant member. She observed a genuine community life which she manifested by fidelity to the duties assigned to her. At the door and to visitors, her prompt and punctual service was impressionable. Fidelity to a life of prayer and Adoration was admirable; and she had ample chance of apostolate to the poor in her capacity as portress. She was exceptionally neat and orderly and took an interest in the belongings of the house. She was of substantial aid to the warden in the hostel and saw that the needs of the girls were met.

After having enjoyed good health for a long time she fell prey to recurring attacks of fever and cough which worsened inspite of good medical care. It was evident that perhaps a return to her home town would bring relief. At the Doctor’s repeated suggestion it was decided in 1986 to transfer her to the dry climate of Trivandrum. The idea of shifting naturally caused Sr. Laetitia deep suffering, but she accepted it and found her strength in the imitation of Christ, which says, “the life of a good sister is a Cross”.

At Trivandrum as expected, the climate brought her relief and provided new opportunities of joy and labour, In early December, again a ravaging fever weakened her. Armed with good-will she seemed to be herself again. All of a sudden she complained of severe breathlessness, immediately taken to hospital. They had no yet reached the hospital when she had a massive heart attack, in the vehicle itself. Invoking the Holy name of Jesus, she surrendered her soul to God. It was on 15th December 1986 that our sister attained the endless bliss with Jesus! R.I.P.

Sr. M. Paolina - Paolina Martiz
18 August 1948 - 23 August 1985

An Indian, was born at Sidapur, in Mysore diocese on 18 August 1948 and was baptised on 22nd of the same month.

She entered the Bridgettine Order on 11 January 1970 in the Convent at Marikunnu, in India.

In the above mentioned Convent she spent her formation years until she made her First Profession on 30 November 1972 and after that she was transferred to Lugano, where she made her Final Profession on 8 December 1977.

In the various transfers she was always docile and obedient to the will of the Superiors. In 1980 she was sent to Mexico City. She was one of the first Indians who was sent to Mexico to help the young community there, and she remained here until her untimely death on 23 August 1985, leaving the whole Order in great sorrow at such a sudden death. She was hospitalised for different tests for a period of 15 days. She was treated for typhoid and had to undergo other tests; but all of a sudden she became very ill. The Order remembers Sr. Paolina as a good sister, humble, simple and industrious. She spread around her the great joy of hersmiling face, very seldom was she seen to be sad. We consider her as our guardian angel who intercedes to God so that the toil and apostolate of our sisters in Mexico may produce abundant fruits of sanctity and salvation for our Mexican brethren.

She was loved and esteemed by many of those who knew personally and they have a very fond memory of her. Sr. Paolina was a missionary who fell in the field. She was very active and precise in her duties. She knew the art of embroidery so well and she showed great skill in doing it; she loved to embroider the image of Madonna. Each of our houses in Mexico keeps one of her Madonnas in rememberance of her. She used to say: “each time I embroider the face of the Virgin, I implore her to grant me a grace; I know she smiles at me.”

In Mexico she fulfilled her duty as the second counsellor and she was also the “sister in charge” of the juniors. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Candida - Rosa Manjulamalayil
11 April 1931 - 19 November 1984

An Indian, was born in Kuravilangad, Diocese of Palai on 11 April 1931.

She entered the Order in the Convent at Marikunnu on 21 January 1951. She started her Novitiate on 3 February 1952 and made her First Profession on 4 February 1953. Her Final Profession was also in the Convent at Marikunnu on 4 February 1956.

Her short existence can be reduced to a song of praise coupled with good works. She gathered all her sisters in the warmth of her charity and love. The love which she poured out to the poor was so great that they considered her as their mother.

Sr. Candida very soon began to experience pain and suffering. For five long years she carried the cross of her terrible illness - cancer - with love and patience. She lived in the hope of finding a cure through the intercession of Mother Elisabeth. This joyful trust joined with her will - power kept her going.

Foreseeing her approaching death she expressed the desire to see the sisters for the last time. She was conscious to the last moment of her existence and she met death with full consciousness saying the words, “Into your hands Lord, I commend my spirit.” (She slept in the Lord on 19 November 1984.)

Dear Sr. Candida, through your example of suffering, also teach us, how to listen to the voice of the Lord who says, “Behold I stand at the door and knock.”

Teach us to meet the Lord, ready as you were; now we pray asking you, to intercede for us to the Lord. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Alphonsa - Alesua Mangalath
29 June 1934 - 9 March 1984

An Indian, was born in Arkuzhy in the diocese of Ernakulam on 2nd June 1934.

She entered the Order on 23rd July 1959 in the Convent at Marikunnu where she made her First Profession of Temporary Vows on 4May1961 and her Profession of Perpetual vows was pronounced in Bangalore on 4 May 1964.

During the time of her Novitiate she had a bad fall and fractured her back-bone which caused her much suffering all through her life. In fact she had to undergo many operations and had to endure the torture of plaster for a long time.

She knew very well how to suffer and offer everything with great spirit of sacrifice and always with a smile on her lips.

Her childlike simplicity won all hearts. She was singled out for her love of duty and of responsibility.

For many years she carried out the office of protress and in this task she showed overwhelming charity and kindness not only towards the poor, but also towards visitors and guests of the convent.

Her characteristic virtues were fidelity, loyalty and genuine love towards all her superiors.

She gave authentically evidence of generosity and self- sacrifice by always rendering herself available for the service to the sisters and to the Community.

She spent the greater part of her religious life in the convent at Bangalore where she left a dear and unforgettable memory of herself. Her death occurred on 9 March 1984.

Dear Sr. Alphonsa, pray for us from heaven, so that we also, may follow your example of fidelity to the Lord in the religious life. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Barbara - Theresia Mulakara
2 October 1940 - 8 November 1983

She entered the Birgettine Order on 25 January 1962 in the Convent at Marikunnu and she began her Novitiate on 2nd February 1963. Her First Profession was on 3rd February 1964 and she made her Perpetual vows on 3rd February 1967.

From the time of her entrance until her death on 8 November 1983, she always remained in the Convent at Marikunnu, the community which she loved very much. Sr. Barbara as a little child lost her mother. Her father for whom she had great affection, brought her up.

Right from the beginning, her feeble health revealed symptoms of an incurable, malady. Dr. Fasana diagnosed a congenital enlargement of the heart. Very soon the dear sister became seriously ill, in fact her already enlarged heart, took frightful dimensions and she was forced to remain in hospital.

Inspite of her sickness, the dear sister did not spare herself; she tried her best to be useful to the Community in every all possible way. She worked with energy and carried out all her duties with utmost precision and perfection. She knew very well how to endure and offer up her pain - which was great - purifying herself for the good of the Church and the Order; thus she was preparing herself to meet her God and Saviour.

Dear Sr. Barbara, you who loved the religious life and our Order so dearly, pray for us from heaven! R.I.P.

Sr. M. Philomena - Elizabeth Gonsalves
28 April 1906 - 29 January 1982

A better day dawned for our beloved Sr. M. Philomena, Indian, on the 29 January at. 6 a.m. Heaven’s morning broke and stole away our Treasure, at the ripe old age of 82. Her religions life opened on 3rd October 1934 at Piazza Farnese, Rome, and closed at the Convent of St. Birgitta in Bangalore.

Born in 1900 in Mangalore, she had a full life in the field of schooling, educating, and as a Leader of girlaguides. At Calicut she met the astounding lover of Jesus, Fr. Edward Beretta S.J. and fell under his friendly influence. He led her to Rome together with three other Indian postulants, all destined for the first Foundation in Marikunnu.

She received the religious habit on 25 March 1935 from our Ven.

Mother Elisabeth, and was transferred to the convent of Via delle Isole, where the Novitiate for a group of Italian girls was canonically erected.

The fact of being far from her loved ones, caused her suffering, but she overcame this with courage under the guidance of our saintly Mother Elisabeth. Her virtues specially of child-like simplicity shone out and her affectionate nature gave and received the warmest affection.

Punctuality in prayer and Community exercises was her singular virtue, even to the end, as well as her deep attachment to her Superiors.

She made her First profession on 26 March 1936, and in 1937 she returned to India, included in the first community of three Indians and nine Europeans. At the Novitiate of the first House there, she was Mistress of Novices. In a family spirit and a deep knowledge of culture and custom of the place and person, she did a praiseworthy job. The last 20 years of her life were spent in Bangalore where she was the heart and soul of the Institution, as was striken on her day of death with an uncommon grief. Loving and loved she was the joy of the Community and the Juniors above all. Her wit was proverbial for which she endeared herself to all. O lovely paradox! Seniormost yet youngest! Such was Sr. Philomena. We believe she follows the Lamb wherever He goes and prays for us. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Gertrude - Milly Pereira
20 August 1915 - 28 August 1980

Mother Gertrude, an Indian, was, born on 20 August 1915 at Munkampuzha, Trivandum. She entered religion on 7 April 1945 at the age of thirty, giving up her teaching career, to respond to God’s call to a life of prayer and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Strong and energetic and ever prompt, Mother Gertrude contributed to the good of the community on every level. Soon after her Profession of Perpetual Vows she was appointed assistant to the Novice Mistress. In this office she revealed her abilities to govern, which she proved later as Superior at Kalamassery from 1962 - 1971, and at Bangalore as Delegate for the Houses in India from 1971 up to her death. From 1973-1976, while she was Delegate, she held also the office of Superior of the community at Bangalore.

In her office as Superior and Delegate, she literally put into practice the words of St. Augustine in his Rule: “... admonish the unruly, cheer the faint-hearted, support the weak and be patient towards all (1Thess. 5:14)” (Rule No. 46). She did not spare herself and undertook frequent and tiring journeys for the good of the Communities in India.

Her love for prayer which she never gave up even when work was pressing, sustained her. One cannot fail to mention her unselfish and generous contribution towards the opening of the seven foundations in India after Marikunnu.

Her most outstanding virtue was forgiveness. She never held a grudge but treated the sisters in a kind way never revealing the hurt she felt in her heart. To this can be added her love for the poor manifested in giving them food, clothing, money. Mother Gertrude was a genuine mother who took interest in people impartially, whether rich or poor, and was ever ready to help anyone in need.

Active during her life, she was active to the end. The disease which took her to the grave manifested itself only a few days earlier and she died on the operating table. Although she did not fully realise the gravity of her illness, she had prepared herself to meet her Creator. She has left us a large legacy of good example of persevering virtue and generous self-dedication. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Clementina - Dorina Manzini
2 August 1901 - 3 June 1977

Sr. Clementina was born at Mandello del Lario (Como) on 2 August 1901.

She slept in the Lord at the convent in Pallavaram, Madras, India, on 3 June 1977 after forty years of dedicated service to the missionary Church; a service characterised by ardent love for God and for the Indian people.

Her death was silent and sudden just as was her apostolate, among the poor people to bring them help and comfort.

The passing away of this Italian missionary - the last European Bridgettine in India - has left a great void in the community at Madras, but there remains a great heritage of love and virtue, for which reason the sisters deem themselves “blessed” to follow in her footsteps.

Sr. Clementina was simple and good. The spirit of prayer, fidelity to the practice of vows, the sense of duty, humility and above all, charity which gives and gives without counting and without measure, shone in her. Only her angel, faithful companion in the community life and in the works of mercy carried out by her outside the convent, must have noted down the number of sisters who received help and comfort from her, and the number of poor people who benefitted by her kindness.

She entered religious life on 6 October 1935, made profession of First Vows on 3 April 1937 and arrived in India on 27 April 1937 with the group of pioneers destined for that mission, determined not to return to her homeland. She suffered from nostalgia in consequence, but offered the sacrifice generously and silently on the altar of the heart.

Now she rests in the land which she loved as her country of adoption, while her beautiful soul shines in the light of the Lord and intercedes for the missionary Church by imploring Him to send generous and zealous labourers into His vineyard. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Annunciata - Mary Coelho
26 December 1915 - 28 April 1975

Sr. Annunciata, an Indian, was born at Mangalore on 26 December 1915.

She entered religious life on 31 May 1938, a year after the foundation of the convent at Marikunnu, almost as if to fill the void left in the community by Sr. M. Bridget Coelho, whose baptismal name too was Mary, and who slept in the Lord the same year.

Simple and without pretension, she made herself very useful in perplexities and work at the initial stages of the first foundation in India. Having a nature sensitive to others’ suffering and a great and generous heart, she always found a way to comfort, give joy and help the needy.

In 1959 she was transferred to Bangalore, there too at the beginning of the foundation, and accepted work and sacrifice with a good spirit. She was 2nd Councillor of the Superior whom, seven years later (1966), she followed to Pallavaram, Madras, the 4 th foundation of the Order in India. She remained there for four years collaborating generously to set a good basis for the new convent.

Finally, in 1969, she was given charge of the foundation at Nachanahally, Mysore, where she had to begin from zero with a great spirit of faith and trust in Divine providence. With a childlike confidence in the Blessed Virgin who answered her “Memorare” unfailingly, she faced and overcame all difficulties.

Her health was always delicate; to this was added heart trouble which caused worry and the Superior General relived her from office and transferred her to the convent in Bangalore, but it was necessary to hospitalise her. She survived two heart attacks, but the third was fatal. At 1.20 a.m. on 28 April she said to the Superior who was praying by her bedside: “Mother, please say the “Memorare”, and when the prayer to the Blessed Virgin was ended, she whispered: “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in Thee!” and smiling, slept in the Lord. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Annette - Aleykutty Chirayil
18 October 1935 - 28 November 1970

Sr. Annette, an Indian from Kerala, was born on 18 October 1935 at Kuninji.

“A sister with delicate health, but good and charitable”. So the community of Madras, to which she belonged before her death, wrote of her.

She joined the convent at the age of twenty-four and served the Lord for eleven years with admirable dedication. The goodness and charity which distinguished her, make her memory dear to all the sisters with whom she shared the duties and joys of community life.

The sickness which cut short her life come in the form of a common fever and hence it was believed that she could be cured in the convent. But when it was seen that all treatment was useless, the doctor advised that she be hospitalised. Here too, after about a month, it became evident that human science had no power over the Will of God which had marked the end of a life still young, but obviously dear to him.

The doctor declared that her end was near and Sr. Annette received the news with a uncommon tranquillity, and replied: “I am ready!” and remained peaceful.

With her perfect self-abandonment and calm, smiling face, she edified doctors and nurses. She was asked if she desired to see her parents and she replied: “Don’t disturb them; they are old!” proving in this way her total detachment and delicate charity.

She was perfectly conscious till the last instant and died peacefully, praying till the ultimate moment. It was the 28 November 1970. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Agostina - Teresa Natalina Benazzato
22 December 1909 - 25 January 1949

Sr. Agostina, an Italian, was born in Padua on 22 December 1909 and lived at Roè Volciano in the province of Brescia with her widowed mother who was also an Ursuline sister, and who had offered to God three sons and a daughter to the religions life. Father Edward Beretta won Natalina over for the Bridgettine foundation in India and she arrived at Piazza Farnese, Rome, on 25 March 1935 with the group of postulants who would leave Italy in 1937 for that mission.

She was of a robust constitution but had a slight limp; with a smiling countenance, simple by nature but attentive and solicitous. She could appear “unpolished”, but on approaching her one became aware of a transcendant delicacy and sentiment in her. Ardent and generous, she made Love her vocation and as a novice had only one problem: “How to make a perfect act of love” which she insistently put to the Novice Mistress since in her spiritual life she did not have any other difficulties to resolve. Father Beretta gave her an authoritative reply: “Do you want to do it indeed? Well you have already done it”.

She left for India in April 1937 and in the new convent, in spite of the abrupt change of climate and food and the difficulties inevitable at the beginning, accepted and accomplished every kind of work, at times even heavy. Then come the Second World War bringing with it the difficult situation and the numerous privations liable to wear out the strongest constitutions. Sr. Agostina did not resist for long; she contracted a disease which in a short time spread all through her body and isolated was confined to bed. She accepted it with her usual generosity, suffered intensely and her bed became an altar on which she sacrificed silently and calmly her still young life. She edified all in suffering as she had done when active in the community life. The following words which she told one of the sisters one day reveal another aspect of her suffering: “St. Therese of the Child Jesus promised a shower of roses from heaven; I will shower the most beautiful musical notes to relieve the sadness of those who are obliged to live in solitude,” The good and dear sister went to her reward on 25 January 1949. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Aloysia - Teresa C. Varappan
5 March 1918 - 27 August 1948

Sr. Aloysia, an Indian, was born at Mullassery, Travancore, on 5 March 1918. She was one of the first Indian postulants accepted in the convent at Marikunnu. She entered the Order in July 1937 and understood well the obligations of the religious life which she lived intensely in all its stages. Simple, sincere, affectionate, she was devoted to the Mother Foundress even without knowing her. On the Superior of the convent and on every sister in the community she lavished her devotion without sparing herself.

Being active, zealous and gifted with common sense, she was given charge of the orphanage and other duties of responsibility which she fulfilled with admirable exactness and fidelity to the Superior’s orders. She was of great help to the foundation which had just initiated in India and great hopes were placed in her for the future.

She was remarkable for her love of poverty and her care in safeguarding purity in imitation of her patron St. Aloysius.

In the tenth year of her religious life she fell ill, apparently with influenza, but had great discomfort in bed due to difficulty in breathing. A medical examination showed the necessity to admit her to hospital for an urgent operation to free her of a large tumour hidden in her body. The good sister, however, had a premonition of her approaching death. She spoke about it to the Superior and diposed herself to accepting it in perfect conformity to God’s Holy Will.

After the operation came the collapse. Sr. Aloysia was conscious till the last monent; humbly she reconciled herself with God, the Superior and every member of the community; received the Sacraments of the Church with great faith and devotion, promised prayers and assistance from Heaven for the Order she loved and which she had served faithfully and added: “Now I am ready, I can die in peace”. And on 27 August 1948 she breathed her last after having repeated thrice in her mother tongue: “My Jesus!” Now she rests in peace in the convent cemetery, a seed in the earth which has already given abundant fruits of good vocations. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Bridget - Mary Rasquinha
24 August 1916 - 27 March 1946

Here is a second Indian Bridget who, in a short space of time, left Marikunnu for Heaven.

Sr. Bridget was born in Bangalore on 24 August 1916. She was one of the first three postulants accepted in 1937 and who made their perpetual vows on 17 June 1943 at the hands of Mother Frances Lalli, Superior of the first Bridgettine foundation in India. Quite soon Sr, Bridget manifested a promising vocation with excellent qualities, ever ready to obey and always available for the most havy work, In the kitchen she was a second Mary of Nazareth, always kind and prompt to bestow the most delicate attention on the sisters, In the laundry she sought for herself the most heaviest linen. Her robust constitution and her way od walking aroused humour and she too joined in the merriment.

She had a great devotion to the Holy Eucharist and the Passion of Jesus - authentic sources of a holy life.

In 1943 her body showed signs of a sickness which offered resistance to every treatment and which medical science did not succeed in curing. With patience in suffering and filial abandonment to God, she edified all those who took care of her including the convent chaplain as well as the bishop of the diocese.

After her death on 27 March 1946, there were those who asked for favours through the intercession of the young sister, and her brother attested that, having prayed by her grave, he was cured of a disease which would have required a surgical operation. Mother frances received many letters from people who asked the sisters to implore her intercession for their spiritual and temporal needs.

Let us also ask dear Sr.Bridget with faith to help us to correspond with generosity and steadfast fidelity to the priceless grace of the religious vocation. R.I.P.

Sr. M. Bridget - Mary Coelho
18 March 1913 - 2 January 1938

Sr. M.Bridget, Indian, was Born in Mangalore on 18 March 1913. On 4 October 1934 she joined the convent at Piazza Farnese, Rome, which, then, was the house of formation. She was guided by Rev. Father Edward Beretta S.J. together with three other Indian postulants, all destined for the first foundation in India at Marikunnu, Calicut.

She received the religious habit on 25 March 1935 and was transferred to the convent in Via delle Isole, where the novitiate for the formation of a group of young Italian girls preparing themselves for the same foundation, was canonically erected. Very soon Sr.Bridget manifested a deep love for prayer which rendered her absorbed and contemplative. Her contemporaries still remember her in the choir in deep contemplation at the foot of a great Crucifix covered with bleeding wounds. And there she passed the rare free moments of the day. Silent, docile to others’ opinion and prompt to the call of obedience, one can say that she passed on tiptoe without attracting attention or making demands on others.

She made her first profession of Temporary Vows on 26 March 1936. A year later she returned to India with the group of sisters trained for that foundation, and at Marikunnu contracted the illness which, in a short time, took her to the grave. She became aware of the symptoms of her disease in an increasing weakness which reached such a point that she wrote in her diary: “I am useless, I cannot even hold the rosary in my hand to pray!” But the nature of the disease and the serious condition of the sister were understood only when every treatment to save her life was inefficacious.

Dear Sr.Bridget gave the community a shining example of self-lessness, patience and abandonment to God. She passed away serenely on 2 January 1938 offering the sacrifice of her young life for the growth of the Order in India and to draw blessings and graces on her dear comunity. R.I.P.