National Delegate

From Heart to Desk

Sparkling Memories the never fade….
of life’s miracles and mysteries.

Jubilee is a time of celebration of God’s abundant blessings and graces experienced in one’s own life of an institution. God in His goodness looked with favour upon the Bridgettines. An attitude of gratitude, wonder and joy is what we feel as we recall these 75 years.

Looking back to the Passage of time I thank God for the bountiful blessings he has showered upon us for the past 75 years. Yes, it is Platinum Years of Grace.

I bow before the loving memory of Blessed Mother Elizabeth whose vision and love for the missions brought us to India. I thank God for the person of Pastoral minded Rev. Fr. Beretta S J, the Italian missionary whose love for the people paved a way for our entry. My deepest gratitude to our pioneers, and ask the blessings of our sisters who enjoy the beatific vision.

Spanning seven and half decades, the Bridgettine Order in India has grown through the mighty hands of our Abbess General Mother Tekla Famiglietti and her predecessors. Mother Tekla’s leadership skills and the deep rooted prayer has enhanced the stature of the Order. She has streamlined the functioning of the convents and multiplied the effectiveness of the service offered to the Church and the people. Her administrative skills and able guidance have created a close bond among the members of the Order and unified us into a single entity striving towards Holiness. I acknowledge the great contributions of Mother Richard and Mother Hilaria.

Bridgettines in India owe much to Mother Gertrude Pereira who was most unassuming in her ways, was a person of character, a rare personality who walked this earth and made it a blessed place. Deep was her faith in God and prayer was her sap of life. She passed her legacy to the able hands of Mother Saveria D’Souza, a vibrant, gentle religious who guided the order in the path of holiness. Her ever approachable nature made the administration smooth and efficient. Then the steering wheel was passed on to Mother Margaret Mascarenhas who held the discipline and the traditions dear to her heart. She instilled in the members an urge for perfection. All of them selflessly worked for the growth of the order and the Bridgettine family grew, spreadingits wings to various dioceses pitching 19 tents for the Eucharistic adoration and social activities.

As we look to the travelled paths we realize, God has intervened in every sphere of our lives through many of our friends and benefactors. At this juncture we acknowledge and appreciate the generosity of everyone. The role of Propaganda Fide, CEI, Miraculous Medal Group of Switzerland are great in the development of the Indian Mission.

Looking towards the future with optimism and trust I remember with gratitude what our Mother Foundress Blessed Mother Elizabeth has said: I thank you, my lord, for the past years, for all you have given! Let me continue to see Thee in all the events of my life and in all people.

Surrendering our future to the Divine hands,

Sr. M. Regina Kalathil O.Ss.S
National Delegate