Archbishop of Trivandrum

Dear Sister Regina,

I am indeed very glad to know that a souvenir Is being brought out to commemorate 75 years of the presence of Bridgettine Sister on the Indian Soil. Your first convent in Marikunnu in the diocese of Kozhikode started in 1937 still stands a witnessing house for the love of God and our Blessed Mother.

The Bridgettine or Bridgettine Order (formally the Order of the Most Holy Saviour, abbreviated as O.Sc.S.) is a monastic religious Order which follows the Augustinian rules, founded by saint Brigitta of Sweden in approximately 1350, and approved by pop urban in 1370. There are today several different branches of Bridgettines.

The order spread widely in Sweden and Norway, and played a remarkable part in promoting culture and literature in Scandinavia; to this is to be attributed the fact that the motherhouse at Vadstena, by Lake Vattern, was not suppressed till 1595 even though the protestant reformation had been widespread in Scandinavia. By 1515, with significant royal patronage, there were 27 houses, 13 of them in Scandinavia. Bridgettine houses soon spread into other lands, reaching an eventual total 80, including and India.

According to the most monastic tradition of St,Brigitta’s Sisters, their Chief obligation is liturgical prayer-the regular Daily Office. the sisters take part daily in the mass, and there is Adoration of the holy Sacrament of the Alter every day. Central in sister’s work in the Guest House, which is part of the activity of every (Brigettine) convent. The sisters welcome to their House all who seek to find stillness and quiet.

In all the countries there is a growing interest in Ecumenism. Chiefly through prayer but also thought action the sister share in the missionary work of the Church. In co-operation with the needs of the local church, the sisters do catechism and other forms of teaching; run nursery school, care for the sick and provide a home for students and old people.

Reaching India, especially to Marikannu in the diocese of Kozhikode, gave them the opportunity to share their life in the missionary work of the Church.

On this happy occasion of your Platinum Jubilee in India, I too join with you all to thank God for all the innumerable blessings He has been bestowing on your Congregation all these years. May the good God continue shower His abundant blessings upon you all through the intercession of Saint Brigitta.

With my prayerful regards,
Yours in Jesus and Mary,

Soosa pakiam M
Archbishop of Trivandrum