Bishop of Kurnool

Rev. Sr. M Regina Kalathil, National Delegate and Sisters,

Greetings to you from the Diocese of Kurnool!

I am immensely pleased to know that the delegation, Convent of St. Brigitta is celebrating 75 years presence in India divided into 19 communities with the strength of 256 sisters. It is gladdening that you also community in the Diocese of Kurnool in the year 1999 in Kurnool.

This is an auspicious occasion to pause and thank the Lord for all that He has blessed you with. There is every reason to celebrate and witness the great works that Lord has done for you in the past years. I extend my greetings and hearty congratulations, and offer my special prayers to all the members of the Congregation.

I am happy to know that Bridgettine sisters started the Convent in Marikunnu in the Diocese of Kozhikode in the year 1937. It extended its wings throughout the world is not a simple thing but the manifestation of the power of God. The Charism you had chosen was “Hospitality with an Ecumenical Aim, “Father that all may be one – Unity in the Church” is experienced and achieved through the members of the Bridgettine.

I wish all the best for all Bridgettine sisters who are rendering their magnanimous services to achieve Ecumenical Aim that we all may be one in Father – Unity in the Church and see the light of Christ in the Downtrodden. There is no doubt that the works of Bridgettine sisters have been appreciated throughout India.

I appreciate your tireless, selfless and dedicated services in Andhra in the fields of hospitality, healthcare, social activities such as caring for the sick, working for the women empowerment and helping the girl children to sustain their lives by teaching them tailoring. They are indeed commendable.

Hence, we praise and thank the Lord for you dear Bridgettine sisters and charitable works that you do for the greater glory of God. The Diocese of Kurnool has benefitted a lot by the selfless services of the Bridgettine sisters. It is needless to say that your ministry in Kunool undoubted brought the light of Christ to the marginalized, unwanted and uncared. Please be assured of our prayers, of our cooperation and collaboration. We wish and pray that the good Lord your Congregation with many more vocations to serve the people of God. Invoking God’s blessings on each one of you.

With blessings

Anthony Poola D.D
Bishop of Kurnool