Miss Jessy Fernandes, a retired teacher, offered the sisters a hostel which she ran for the school – going children of the underprivileged. The sisters accepted it at the request of the then Bishop of Mangalore, late Basil S. D’Souza to have a prayer house for the diocese.

The sisters took up the work for the poor and the marginalized in the field of education and other charitable activities. The need for a crèche for the children of the working class with minimal cost was fulfilled, and the community presently consists of 13 sisters who are engaged in various activities. Sisters undertake parish work, teaching catechism, preparing the children to receive the Sacraments, distributing Holy Communion during the Eucharistic Celebrations, participating in the S.C.C (Small Christian Community) meetings and also involve themselves in various other social and charitable works.

The Sisters impart religious, moral, educational and disciplinary formation to the young hostelites and give them an opportunity to know Christ and Christianity.