Apostolic Nuncio

Dear Sr.Regina,

I am glad to learnt that the Delegation, Convent of St. Birgitta, is celebrating 75 years of its presence and service in India on 17th November 2012. On this very significant occasion, I congratulate the National Delegate, her associates all the sisters for their dedicated religious life and meritorious service to the Church and humanity.

Seventy Five years of presence in India is something to be cherished and celebrated and celebrated because in and through your congregation the Lord has touched many lives and made His redeeming grace tangible. It is also an occasion to review the past and rededicate to the call you have accepted from the Lord. The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI says in his message on 15th World Day of Consecrated Life: ”A life devoted to following Christ in His chastity, poverty and obedience become a living ‘ exegesis’ of God’s word. The Holy Spirit, in whom the Bible was written, is the same Spirit who illumines the word of God with new light for the Founders and Foundresses. Every Charism and every Rule springs from it and seeks to be an expression of it, thus opening up new pathways of Christian living marked by the radicalism of the Gospel“

Amidst all the challenges and demands of modern life, it is certainly appreciable that your Delegation has grown from strength to strength attracting more young women to join in the consecrated from of Christian life and render selfless service for the betterment of the society. Exhorting the religious, the Holy Father said: “May your apostolic action, in particular, dear brothers and sisters, become a commitment of life that with persevering enthusiasm attains to Wisdom as truth and as beauty, the splendor of the truth. May you with the wisdom of your life and with trust in the inexhaustible possibilities of true educating, guide the minds and hearts of the men and women of our time towards a good life according to the Gospel.” (Message on the 15th World Day of Consecrated Life, 2011)

May St.Birgitta, your Patroness Saint, intercede for you all on the occasion you celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of your dedicated service to the Church. My prayers and blessings are with you all. In conveying Apostolic Blessing of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, I remain,

Your sincerely in Christ,
Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio,
Apostolic Nuncio