Bishop of Karwar

Dear Sister Regina,

It gives me great joy to know that the Bridgettine Sisters are celebrating 75 years of their presence in India. The Order of our Saviour, founded by St. Birgitta of Sweden and approved by Pope Urban V in 1370 had its first convent in Vadstena, Sweden. Today Bridgettines are having 36 houses in 13 countries and it is remarkable to know that of these 36 houses, as many as 19 houses are in India.

According to the monastic tradition of St. Birgitta’s sisters, their chief obligation is liturgical prayer-the Daily Office. The sisters take part in the part in the daily Mass and have visit places where Bridgettine convents are.

When I was in Belgaum, I had a very close and cordial relationship with the sisters of St. Bridget’s Convent. It is my desire and wish that, God willing, some day they will open a convent in our Karwar diocese too. At this happy occasion of your celebration of 75 years of your presence in India, I extend to You my fond best wishes, blessings and prayers for the success of your apostolate.

Derek Frenandes
Bishop of Karwar