Archdiocese of Goa and Daman

Dear Sr. Regina,

I am pleased to join the sisters of the order of the Most Holy savior, popularly known as the Bridgettines, as they praise and thank God for completion of 75 years of their fruitful service to the Church and society in our country.

The Bridgettines Sisters, originally founded by St. Bridget of Sweden in the 14th century, were given a new impulse at the beginning of the 20th century by another Swedish woman, Elizabeth Hasselblad, who founded their new branch of non-cloistered Sisters. Spread today through more than ten countries, the Bridgettines have been in India for the last 75 years, offering their precious service to the church and to the people of our country. Living in more than ten communities spread throughout India, they combine a life of prayer and adoration of the Blessed Sacramentwith active involvement in various fields of the Catholic apostolate, distinguishing themselves, however, in the apostolate of hospitality. For almost twenty years now, our Archdiocese has also been the beneficiary of their ‘prayer-power’ and fruitful apostolic activity.

While offering theBridgettines Sisters my warm congratulations on this special occasion, I invoke upon each member of this Order renewed blessings from heaven and pray that they may all continue to render their service to the Church and to society, with an ever increasing enthusiasm and in fidelity to the ideals set out for them by their Founders.

Filipe NeriFerrao
Archbishop of Goa and Daman