History is a cyclic poem written by Time upon the memories; the year 1960 added the 53rd Religious congregation in the Archdiocesan directory and marked with colours in the annals of Bridgettine history. Thus the Archbishop Thomas Pothacamuri gratefully accepted the little community of Bridgettines in His diocese. The same day The Blessed Sacrament was solemnly enthroned for adoration. The people of the neighbourhood were happy to attend Mass and spend time before the Lord. The little community totally depended in the providence of God which manifested through the neighbours and friends in and around Brunton Road. As the years passed by, the community grew and in 1963 set up the hostel to be a home away from home for those who came to Bangalore to pursue their studies and career. The Bridgettine Order spread its wings to the neighbouring. To monitor the life of the communities we needed a central administration other than the Generalate which is in Rome. Thus the Delegation was set up here in 1970 Mother Gertrude being the 1st National Delegate. In 1977 the juniorate was opened to help the young sisters in their formation. Of course the Order grew in and through the capable hands of Mother Gertrude, Mother Saveria, Mother Margaret and Mother Regina Kalathil and under the guidance and blessings of our Superior Generals, namely Mother Hilaria and Mother Tekla Famiglietti. In 2001 the commercial block was set up to support the social work of our communities in rural areas in different states. An auditorium in the same building serves the needs of social and religious functions and executive meetings. Adding to the girls in the hostel, we have 15 small children who stay with us and we try to give them a better future through care and education. God was always faithful in His promises, giving a hundred fold to us from His bounty.