Archbishop of Vishakhapatnam

Rev. Sr. M. Regina kalathil, O.Ss. S
Delegate Superior
Convent of St. Bridgitta
10, Brunton Road
Bangalore - 560025

Rev. Sr. M. Regina kalathil, O.Ss. S

Greeting of Peace in the Lord!

I am happy to know that your congregation, Bridgettine Sisters, is celebrating Platinum Jubilee year of your presence in India. May I extend my prayerful greeting andcongratulation to all the Bridgettine Sisters in India and in other countries. I joint you in thanking and praising the lord for all the blessings showered on you and on your apostolate in the background of the charism of your congregation.” Hospitality with an Educational Aim,’ Father that all may be one ‘- Unity in the church. “I am sure you will have many experiences of Divine providence that enabled to grow and develop, and to spread to many places in India. In blessing you, the lord has been blessing the church and her saving mission! The mystery of salvation unfolds itself and reaches out to people, especially those in need of salvation, through the instruments the lord chooses and sends. Thus has been happening through your presence in India during these 75 yeas! Your small community in Visakhapatnam is part of your presence in India. we are happy sisters are contributing towards the life and mission here! We join you in acknowledge with gratitude and admiration all the pioneers of your congregation that toiled in the early stages of your arrival and efforts they have put in to establish nineteen communities in different dioceses in India.

Wishing you well and invoking the blessings of the almighty on your congregation for the fruitfulness of all your undertaking in the coming years.

Yours sincerely in the lord,

Prakash Mallavarapu
Archbishop of Visakhapatnam