Saints of the Order

St. Bridget of Sweden
The most celebrated saint of Sweden was the daughter of the knight Birger Persson[2] of the family of Finsta, governor andlawspeaker of Uppland, and one of the richest landowners of the country, and his wife, a member of the so-called Lawspeaker branch of the Folkunga family. Through her mother, Ingeborg, Birgitta was related to the Swedish kings of her era.
She was born in June 1303. There is no exact recording for which precise Read More

St. Catherine of Sweden
The fourth child of St. Bridget and Ulf Gudmarsson, born in 1332; died 24 March, 1381. At the time of her death St. Catherine was head of the convent of Wadstena, founded by her mother; hence the name, Catherine Vastanensis, by which she is occasionally called. At the age of seven she was sent to the abbess of the convent of Riseberg to be educated and soon showed, like her mother, a desire for a life of self mortification and devotion... Read More

St. Richard Reynolds
He was born around 1487. We have no information about place of birth and about his family. Specialized in theology in 1531 from the University of Cambridge, and especially well versed in Latin, in Greek and Hebrew, he had at heart the continuous investigation in theological studies and the direct study of Sacred Scripture in the original languages? During his studies he developed a vocation to religious life and entered the abbey of Brigidini... Read More

St. Elisabeth Hesselblad
Maria Elizabeth Hesselblad was the fifth of thirteen children born to August Robert Hesselblad and Cajsa Petersdotter Dag, a Lutheran family in Fåglavik in Västra Götaland County.
By 1886, she had to work to help them make ends meet. At first she looked for work in Sweden, but eventually emigrated to the United States of America... Read More

Servant of God Mother Riccarda
Mother M. Riccarda Beauchamp Hambrough was born in London on the 10th September 1887. She completed her first studies at the Sisters of the Sacred Heart Convent in England, where she also attended courses in singing and music. After coming to know of the experience of Blessed Elizabeth through Fr. Benedict Williamson, in 1914 she transferred herself definitely to Rome to be close to Blessed Elizabeth, becoming her disciple... Read More

Servant of God Mother M. Catherine Flanagan
Mother M. Catherine Flanagan was born in London on 17th July 1892 to Irish parents, in a rather austere but affectionately warm family atmosphere. From childhood she was brought up in close contact with the sacraments and the liturgy, which she deeply loved.
In September 1911, directed by Fr. Benedict Williamson, pastor of the Parish of St. Gregory in London, she arrived at the house of St. Bridget in Piazza Farnese... Read More

Servant of God Sister M. Maddalena Moccia
Sister M. Maddalena Moccia was born in Naples on 1st August 1898 of wealthy parents, which unfortunately cared very little about the religious education of their daughters. In 1913 she entered the College of the Ursuline Sisters in Rome in Via Nomentana: there she so strongly deepened the experience of her faith that she even matured the idea of embracing the religious life... Read More