Archbishop of Bangalore

Dear Sr. Regina,

I am happy to know that Bridgettines are planning to celebrate the platinum jubilee of their foundation in India in November this year, and that are planning to bring out souvenir to commemorate this great event.

It is my great joy to convey to you and to all the sisters of your congregation on India ‘A very Happy Platinum Jubilee’ as you all sing in unison: “This is the Day that the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice” …. Any celebration, more so a jubilee, brings us j oy primarily for four reasons: first of all, it gives us an opportunity to thank God for His marvelous deeds; secondly, it is an occasion for us to fondly remember our pioneers and to gratefully acknowledge their sacrifices and hard work to establish the institution and helped them grow through their dedicated services; thirdly, when we look at our institutions we do release with humility what the lord could do through us who are the most unworthy and insignificant instruments in His hands; fourthly, we are also happy because it is an opportune time for us to renew our commitment for us Divine savior and His flock.

One point that all of us need to bear in mind is that our celebrations must not confine only to the external pomp and glory, and fun and frolic. But, it should be very spiritual, pastoral and meaningful one. We learnt that just recently the Us astronaut, Neil Armstrong passed away. He had a unique distinction, singular privilege and rare experience of setting his foot on the Moon
And to have walked on the lunar surface for three hours. He, in his interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes” programme in 2005, had said:” I guess we all like to be recognized not for one piece of firework but for the ledger of our daily work,” what a beautiful and inspirational statement! Our work for the lord is not done by fits and starts, but always with leaps and bounds; in other words, it has to be done with continued Zeal and vigor. The works of the lord are successful carried out nit through the personnel and other resources, but it is his alone; and what we achieve is not due to our efforts, but through the guidance of the holy Spirit. And we are called to scripts his plans through our joyful submission to his holy will and cheerful service to the whole humanity.

I am happy to know that, at present, there are over 216 members and 19 Convents of the society of the Bridgettines
In India and that the sisters are involved in charitable and social activities over seven decades, especially to uplift the poor women through education and vocational training to make them self-sufficient. It is noteworthy that you are running hostels for students and working women belonging to all communities and providing them with board and lodging facilities at concessional rates.

We read a report published recently by the society of the Bridgettines in India, which states that is extends financial support for the construction of houses in the villages and co-ordinates self-help programmes for women. We are also happy to know that the Bridgettines sisters have special love for the needy and the suffering because the main elements of their spirituality are dedication for prayer, devotion tothe suffering of the Saviours, worship of the sacrament of the altar and liturgy of the hours with profound Christ centric spirit, having Him as the fulcrum of the ecclesial life with consequent emphasis on the importance of the Eucharist. Their spirituality is also centered on the sharing love of Christ with the inmates in their social services centers, teachingcatechism for children and youth, running nursery schools, caring for the sick and providing homes for children and old people.

The notable apostolate of the Bridgettine Is the promotion of ecumenism through retreats, conference and seminars. Their hospitality extends to all Christians o whatever denomination or community they belong to, as they see Christ presence in everyone.

On the occasion of the platinum Jubilee, I thank sisters for their dedicated services in the Archbishop, and also exhort them to reaffirm their commitment to god, to revisit the constitution of their order and re-dedicate them to a life of prayer, in combination with engaging in the mission of the local church
With renewed wishes and God’s blessings

your sincerely,

Most Rev Bernard Moras
Archbishop of Bangalore